Will my pets be ok with a stranger?

I am glad you ask this question.
Dogs are creatures that do not live in the past or indeed in the future, they are present living creatures.

Present living means they react to what is happening now. They do not sit thinking I wonder what Mum is cooking for me tonight. Likewise they do not think in the past  I wonder when Uncle Jack is coming round like he did a few months back.

Obviously they are creatures of habbit with routine, sound and smell, simply put on your make up and pick up your bag and leash wow what a reaction!

If you are going away and someone moves in your home to stay and feed them, again they will react to the present time and be quite content. Anyone staying should take them out for walk a few times a day, always with a leash on however much he or she will think that the dogs know them well.

Do not worry about leaving your pets if a friend stays in your home but do stress that all gates and doors must always be closed.

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