Kumfi training equipment.

I have around 200 pet dogs in my training classes every week Some are very difficult indeed, especially owners with unsuitable dogs far stronger than the handler. Problem dogs are, of course, in the minority but they can take up a considerable amount of my time.
As a result of what I have learnt from my training classes, I have, in the last 10 years, designed the Kumfi Range of Training Equipment and Behavioural Aids which are used by hundreds of. trainers and clubs throughout the U.K. They include:
The training lead  – so very important with strong untrained dogs. It must be good to hold, not too thin The lead should be adjustable giving a maximum length of about six feet. The 3 in 1 Training Lead, patented and designed by me, adjusts with the aid of two rings to a standard 48″ and a short 24″ lead.
The training collar.  –  although I used check/choke chains for years in the Police Force Dog Section, with domestic pet training sessions I use only my own designed Kombi Collar which is a half check i.e. half chain and half adjustable fabric.
The reason for not using check/choke chains in pet dog training is two-fold. Handlers are usually novices, they tend to keep the lead tight. All this does is choke the dog. The ‘Kombi Collar’ cannot be put on the wrong way, it still has the checking capability, but does not choke the dog.
Some years ago, if a dog was a puller, a strong or boisterous dog, the check/choke chain was put on, raised up just behind the dog’s ears and the dog checked with this very painful method.
The halter for dogs – Dogalter is similar to a halter for horses and is probably the most useful of equipment I have designed. It has the advantage of leading the dog by the head, makes controlling the dog so much easier and assists in teaching good heel work. It has a very mystical calming effect on strong, excitable and indeed aggressive dogs.
To summarise:
a) the correct type of lead is important.
b) I have no objection to check/choke chains for service dogs or indeed trained dogs but the length of chain is all important and for G.S.D’s I use 3mm long linked chain.
c) I have no objection to soft choke collars for trained dogs but will not allow them to be used for novice handlers with young dogs.
d) I prefer the use of the Kombi Collar for young dogs and for pet dog training.
e) with strong, boisterous or anti social dogs I use the Dogalter in conjunction with the Kombi. (the latter is for safety, the Dogalter controls forward movement. The Kombi checks assists with correction and is a safety feature which stops the dog pulling its head out of the Dogalter by backing away).
For details of the Kumfi range of products E-Mail:
  George Grayson

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