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When I was a child and there were quarrels between my little sister and me, I often heard “You are like a dog and a cat”! It was always clear to me that it’s like fire and water, dogs and cats just don’t get along. This image is also shaped in comics and cartoons. Who doesn’t know it: Sylvester, the black cat, always ran away from the fat mastiff, which she licked the lips of. Is it really the case that dogs and cats don’t get along with each other, almost genetically? And if so – why is that?

If this is about a basic instinct, you can’t offer a home to cats and dogs in the same household at the same time? If there are difficulties in this regard, how do you deal with them so that all animals can live comfortably under the same roof? I dealt with that for you today.

What’s Up

Is it true that dogs and cats are generally not created to live together? Why are they always portrayed as enemies? This is primarily due to the totally different body language – these two animals simply do not speak the same language. While the dog wags its tail for joy and because it wants to play, the cat feels attacked, because cattails are more threatening when they go upstairs. If a dog hasn’t known cats from an early age and vice versa, there will be communication problems: the dog will interpret the cat’s irritation as an invitation to play, while the cat will interpret the dog’s happy wagging of its tail as aggressiveness.

My Cat Annoys My Dog

Actually, she doesn’t: when she purrs, the dog thinks she’s growling at him. Once again the classic communication problem.

My Dog ​​Annoys the Cat

It’s not true 🙂 the dog barks with joy and scares the cat away.

How Do I Solve This Problem So I Can Keep Both Animals?

However, dogs and cats have a lot in common: They are basically friendly and very curious. If they were enemies, they wouldn’t look at each other. So they also set the same body signals: tapping step, the ears are placed forward and are upright. This signals friendly interest and represents an invitation to play. So patience is required at first.

How Do Accustom The Kitten to the Puppy and Vice Versa?

That is very simple: The easiest way for everyone involved is if the animals grow up together. This can lead to a real animal friendship, as there are no misunderstandings. In principle, however, the animals also get used to each other if they simply cannot smell each other due to their type. And that’s how animals are so similar to humans – or vice versa? You just don’t like everyone. And even if a dog grows up with a cat, that doesn’t mean that it has to be like every cat, because after all, our animals also have a character.

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