Canagan Food (4/10)

British products and the manufacturer produces food not only for dogs but also for cats, as well as for a number of other pets. The line includes both dry and wet food of several types. The sources of protein are carefully ground flour from dried chicken meat, as well as chicken fillets, from which even the smallest bones are selected. The source of protein is a dehydrated egg, and it also contains a whole host of different nutrients. Animal protein is supplemented with vegetable protein - it is represented by pea protein, the content of which is not less than 3%.

Sources of carbohydrates - potatoes, peas, and sweet potatoes, there is still a sufficient amount of fiber, which is represented by alfalfa. A significant percentage of fats and fatty acids is represented by salmon oil and chicken fat. Vitamin and mineral complexes are completely natural. In addition to alfalfa, there is a small number of carrots, apples, spinach, plantain seeds, chamomile, mint - all of them help to fully saturate the pet's body with the required amount of fiber.

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