Riverwood Feed (2/10)

This is the only Czech-made product in our review. This food is based on meat flour made from duck, turkey, and pheasant meat. All of these foods are a source of quality animal protein. The feed also contains a small amount of pea protein, but very little of it - 2% of the total food mass. Dried poultry meat does not contain bones and cartilage, only loins. The grain is completely absent, instead, as already mentioned, peas are used, as well as pea starch, which also acts as a thickener, and also helps feed pellets to maintain their shape.

Dried summer apple cake serves as a source of fiber. Hydrolyzed protein is a natural flavoring and aroma additive. There are a number of artificially synthesized substances - chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate. They are very useful for joints, restore cartilage tissue, and improve digestion. There is also yucca - a substance that reduces the smell of animal excrement, as well as calendula extract with its bactericidal and anti-inflammatory qualities. A very original decision on the part of the manufacturer was to add crushed dried cranberries, which contain a very large amount of antioxidants.

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