Twister Interactive Dog Toy (4/20)

PROGRESSIVE LEVEL PUZZLE: a puzzle with hiding places for treats, entertainment, and learning. This is an interactive game for training and teaching dogs how to go through successive steps in a playful way.

BRAIN TRAINING: Train your dog's brain with a level 3 puzzle toy. Put the treats inside the compartments and lock them with the pull-out handles.

FIGHTING BOREDOM: the toy consists of 9 compartments and 9 segments that can be locked. An exciting puzzle will capture the attention of your smart person for a long time, will help to distract him from destructive activities - gnawing and destroying things and will help to learn to solve problems in a playful way.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: This level is recommended for dogs who prefer more difficult tasks, but are also suitable for dogs who like simple games.

FEEDING: The puzzle will help slow down food intake and improve digestion. You can also put useful delicacies inside the compartments and treat your pet

ICE FUN: Mix canned food, wet food, or raw food with water and fill the toy compartment with this mixture, or take small pieces of sausages or other delicacies and put them in each notch, then fill with water. Put the game in the freezer and let the liquid freeze. This fun is ideal for high-energy pets, for playing in hot weather, and for longer play.

PLAY TOGETHER: Nina Ottosson puzzle games are designed to develop your pet's mental abilities. Watch your dog while playing and do not allow him to bite the toy. Show him how to use the puzzle correctly, play, and have fun together. After the game, remove the toy until the next time.

EASY TO CARE: To wash the toy, simply remove the pellets of food or treats left after the game and rinse the toy under warm running water with gentle soap, after the toy dries, it is ready to use again!

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