Many folk have so many different opinions
of the muzzle. Of course anyone that sees a
dog with a muzzle automatically assumes that
the dog is dangerous. There are many types
of muzzles but whatever one you choose make
certain that the dog is able to breath.

   The muzzle that I recommend is the Basker-
ville which is marketed by the eminent Roger
Mugford. This is a basket design and allows
near unrestricted mouth opening for panting
and drinking. These are available at most
good pet shops and many vets stock them. They
come in 12 sizes to ensure that a good fit
is available for most breeds of dogs. Available
through The Company of Animals, PO Box 23
Chersey, Surrey KT16 OPU UK.

   I encourage all owners to train their dogs
to wear a muzzle, the earlier in the dog’s life
the better. Most young dogs are destructive, a
muzzle will protect your home from being eaten.
A muzzle will ensure that your dog is unable to
eat any rubbish or poison on the ground, that
alone is worth training for.

   When visiting the vet it can also be useful
for nervous dogs to wear a muzzle and also when a
dog has been operated on. Wearing a muzzle is
another way to prevent him from licking the wound.

   In the event of an emergency, if you do not have
a muzzle then one can always tie the leash around
the dog’s mouth to prevent it biting.

   I would add that a muzzle does not cure a bad
behaviour but it is useful whilst an effective
therapeutic strategy is developed.

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