Obedience Training

Training classes undoubtedly contribute to better training of dogs. One great advantage of classes is that they accustom the puppy or young dog to meeting other dogs, and owners get an opportunity to meet people with a common interest, and sometimes a common problem.

Many people are regarded as experts (even dog trainers) when hey have trained a dog of one breed to a very high standard. Faced with a difficult dog they would not know where to start. Training methods vary just as much as dogs and their owners do. There are, however, many accepted exercises which form a useful basis for most dogs and most owners. Many people fully realize their responsibilities and try very hard to comply and still end up with a dog that will bite, causes a road accident, etc., WHY?

Because so few dog owners understand canine mentality

People must not regard dogs as ‘Almost Human’ this is an insult to our canine friend. Dog has become man’s best friend, not because he is ‘Almost Human’ but  because he can do many things that we cannot do, and in this day and age what with Satellite, we still don’t know how he does some of those things, such as detecting mines and drugs. INTELLIGENCE is not an important factor in a dogs make up.

Fact..Nearly all problem dogs are very intelligent.
Fact… few dog owners understand canine instincts and their importance in the man/dog relationship.

Dogs and indeed all animals learn by association of ideas, animals do not reason at all, they simply react to what is happening and do not think about what has happened or is about to happen, it is believed that they do sometimes work out a problem for themselves.

All training should be based on the assumption that the dog does not reason and that he learns by association of ideas.

If you do not have time to exercise your dog, then you should not keep a dog.

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