‘Once upon a Christmas time, in a cold and empty house,
Lay a sad and lonely puppy, watched by a tiny mouse.

The mouse crept quietly up to the pup, who opened one battered eye,
“what did I do that was so bad, that they left me here to die!’

The mouse was very worldly wise, he knew what the pup had done,
He’d played with the little human child, and had only wanted to have fun!

But growling and nipping as puppies do, the child would scream and cry,
So the humans brought him to this awful place, with just an old blanket for him to lie.

“Come with me” said the little mouse, “I know a good place for you”,
A place of warmth and kindness, a place with a love that is true.

So slowly the pair crept away, out of that old empty house,
The pup still not understanding, but totally trusting the mouse.

Through rough grass and mud which stuck to his coat, he followed his tiny new friend,
Till they came to a clearing at the top of a hill, Not far now, he said, “round this bend”

So together they crept through those last few feet, “Just lay here a minute and wait,
Be ready to bark when I give you the word, Just keep your eye on that gate”

For what seemed an age it was all very still, then a sound was heard from beyond,
“Bark now my friend as loud as you can, or your chance for a home will be gone”

The pup barked and barked till he thought he would burst, then through the gate a human looked round,
Her eyes saw the pup, “oh my god, you poor thing, No wonder you are making that sound”

She gently looked at his swollen eye, and ran her hand down his terribly thin Spine,
“My old dog has passed and I feel so alone, Is it possible you’re here to be mine?”

The pup licked her face, as he lay in warm arms and saw his friend slip quietly away,
“Thank you” he Whispered, “I know I’ve found love” On this very Happy and Special Christmas day!’

By Viv Eales
4Paws Dog school

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