Pet Companionship Can Be Healthy Benefit To Elderly

For years it has been medically documented that companion animals, like dogs, cats, rabbits and birds, help people live longer and healthier lives.

Some of the medical benefits from having an animal companion include lowered blood pressure, decreased stress, reduced bone loss, lowered cholesterol levels and improved blood circulation. Pets offer unconditional love and commitment to their owners. Being responsible for caring for an animal often gives new meaning to someone who is living alone or who is far from loved ones.Pets can help elderly people keep an active lifestyle and may help fill a void left by living alone or away from family.

Seniors may want to consider adopting an older adult animal instead of a puppy or kitten or rambunctious “teenage” pet. Older pets are more likely to be calm, already house trained and less susceptible to unpredictable behaviour. Animal shelter staff can help potential adopters find the most suitable animal for their lifestyle.

Seniors should not be encouraged to take on a large dog, many seniors take on dog far too powerful for them, which become unmanageable, and must consider spaying for the female and castration for the male. Animals which are sterilized are far more suitable for our society, are mostly not aggressive to other dogs and most will come back when called.

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