First and foremost you must never shout, get annoyed, or punish your dog….wow
When you call him in you capture him, he is one step ahead of you.
Get some treats or dried food that he loves and put these in an empty tin from the old baked beans or something like that.
Forget his name in the house, from now on when you want him rattle the can, the second he comes to you give him a treat tell him you love him and walk away from him. Essential you walk away.
This is working on the theory of ‘Pavlov’ in other words we have an association of a sound and food. Yumy yum!

Take your special rattler ( can of treats)
Let him off the lead and then rattle.
The moment he comes love, treat, and let him go.
Do this every 2/3 minutes.
Ah ha he now know to come to mum is lovely for a treat cuddle, and yippe I’m free.
Every other time put him on the leash for 2/3 minutes then let him go.

Now we are into a new way of life. I like this mum, treats, cuddles, leash and letting me free again.!!!
You are following him when he goes off to explore.
Now you change your direction and walk in the opposite direction to him and rattle….dont stop walking.
He will follow, stop love and treat.

Do this for a few days and you will be amazed.
Vital when you want him in clip him on the leash at least 5 minutes before going home. He must not know when your going to leash him.

That’s should do it for you, but if you need more its in my book.
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