Tips for Rescue Dogs

Dog’s lives evolve around odor; I always recommend bathing a rescue pet as soon as possible. By doing this you wash away the old identity and allow the dog to get his new identity. Most dogs will roll in the ground to get the identity back.

Take your new pet for a walk around the area of your street near your home as soon as you are able. This allows your new pet to learn the new smells of the area.

Ensure that all doors, gates etc to the home are secure and that you have a tab on the collar with your telephone number.

Emotionally you will feel very sorry for the little fellow and often new owners can overdo the attention. Best not to smother the dog and keep in mind that now is the time to set the rules of your home.
1.    No feeding at the table
2.    Not to allow the dog on the furniture.
3.    Not to allow the dog in the bedrooms.
4.    Not to allow the dog the freedom of your home.
5.    Do not play tug of war ( see my previous articles)
6.    Never allow any pet to sit under tables.

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