Is your dog or cat nervous, frightened of fireworks, destructive, or anxious when you leave him?
Try Rescue Remedy — a **FEW** drops in a water bowl can relieve anxiety in some dogs and cats– doesn’t sedate
them — only takes the edge off and seems to relax them to stimulus a bit. Doesn’t seem to effect non-anxious
dogs at all, or if it does, I cannot tell a difference.

Faster responses can come from putting a few drops directly into the anxious dog’s mouth.  Rescue Remedy is used successfully in  boarding kennel for dogs who were having a very hard time adjusting.
A little goes a LONG WAY– it is possible to sedate a dog with Rescue Remedy.

Rescue is obtainable from most pharmacies or local herb shops. If you have access to the Internet  do a search
using any search engine, using the words “RESCUE REMEDY”, you’ll come up with many sites that you can
use to compare prices.

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