I thought about you earlier today
but I didn’t understand why. I see
your face when I look at her and
everytime I cry.

I often find my self, calling her
your name. And I wish it were you
every time we play a game.

You’ve helped my through some rough
times, Lord, knows you were always there.
I used to think you look so smart,
the way you’d sit and stare.

You’d always lend a thoughtful ear,
a problem you’d never miss. And I miss
the way, on my cheek you’d lay
a little doggy kiss.

I know you’re gone for good now, though
it is hard for me to see. That you won’t
come when I call your name, it will always
be just me.

I know you didn’t leave me empty handed,
you left me a part of you. And, I will always
remember how much you loved me, and the
thoughtful things you’d do.

It is hard for me  to realize no more cookies
you will Mooch. And, it is hard for me to say
goodbye, so rest is peace, my pooch.

— Carly Dinwiddie —

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