Children and young people are most susceptible.

Occasionally when diagnosing skin infections at pets, vets might make a diagnosis by watching the owner – the skin. There is often seen at skin around head and neck a ring-shaped rash, a rapidly growing circular patch, with normal healthy looking skin in the center. This typical outlook depends on the way the skin itself tries to limit the infection, ; as the fungus spreads the skin reacts by creating an inflammation – which again prohibits the fungus from growing. Now, in order to survive, the fungus tries to spread – ring-shaped.

To confirm the diagnose , veterinarians may illuminate infected areas with a Wood�s light ( a ultraviolet light filtered through a cobalt glass filter. In positive cases the infected area begins to glow. Though the test is not 100 percent effective, however – some topical medications or even some soap may cause a false positive illumination. Therefore hairs from infected areas must be plucked and cultivated.

In humans ringworm is easily treated topically and will usually heal without problems, but as the fungus ” lives ” in the environment, the treatment must be holistic, where the disinfect of the environment plays an important part. This is an expensive and extensive procedure. It�s higly advisable to destroy beddings, blankets, brushes etc. Vacuum cleaning daily is important and also disinfect of all heating and cooling vents, the car and the pet�s carrier. Betadine or chlorine solutions are good for disinfect.

The pet is best treated with a combination of systemic and topical treatment. Before topical therapy, such as an anti-fungal cream is started, it often helps to clip the hair from the infected area with scissors. It�s important to disinfect the scissors after each area to avoid to spread the disease further.
To get rid of the infection from the pet the oral therapy of anti-fungal medicin needs to be long, often up to three or four months.
This is in no means a new or a dangerous disease, and by following the advices given by your vet or physician it is well treatable.

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