Rottweillers raised correctly don’t bite

Those who say Rottweillers are naturally mean are wrong. Rottweillers raised correctly don’t bite.

The typical story we see is a dog is part of a family unit and a baby comes in and is seen as the interloper. The dog is there first and resents the child, bites often occur when a child is playing with a relative’ s dog. I always  advise leaving dogs alone when they’re eating. I caution against leaving young children alone with any dog, it’s best to be cautious around dogs when the temperature’s high. In the summer, dogs are hot and irritable..

Rottweilers are shown at hundreds of dog shows around the country each year without incident, Nobody ever gets bitten at a dog show, and dogs properly raised are not biters. Go to any dog show and you’ll see Rottweilers.”

In the UK 50% of homes include a pet of some description and 1600 children each year are admitted to hospital as a result of a dog bite.
Certain dog breeds, such as German Shepherd and Rottweillers and Pit Bulls, account for over fifty percent of fatal cases.

When approaching an owner’s dog consider the following:
    Are there any other dogs in the vicinity that might cause a violent reaction from this dog?
    Are there any other distractions that might cause a problem?
    Are you sure the owner has control over the dog and would warn you of any violent tendencies?
    Is the dog listening and obedient to its owner?
    Does the dog look friendly, wagging its tail with a relaxed expression on its face?
    Never allow a child with food or sweets to approach any animal.
    Is the dog afraid or nervous? A dog might seem afraid if it holds its tail down, looks away and tries to hide, nervously licks its lips, growls or shakes. Even a yawn may express anxiety rather than boredom.

No child should be touching an animal whilst eating food, sweets, or ice creams.
All children should be closely supervised when in the presence of animals.

Finally all pet owners who do not attend a training school with known registered trainers should not, in my opinion own a dog.

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