Stop Pulling with a Muzzle                                        

Over the past years I have introduced head collars for dogs that pull, if fitted correctly and if shown how to use the head collar I guarantee it will stop any dog pulling.
Now that most large dogs have to wear a muzzle in all public places it is difficult to fit a head collar and then fit a muzzle over the top.

I have been experimenting with my Sheba and have found that the head collar is no longer required if you have a muzzle. All you simply do is connect your leash directly to the Muzzle.

For those that have never used a head collar there are a few simple rules.

1.Clip the leash onto the left side of the muzzle which should be large enough to  allow the dog to pant.

2. Always walk the dog on your left side.

3. Hold the leash with two hands like your riding a bicycle.

4. The left hand should be near the dogs head, but the leash must be loose, if you pull and the dog pulls then    youre having a competition with the dog.

5.Remember the secret to stop a dog pulling is to have a loose leash.

6. Commitment, firmness, but kindness.

Since I invented this system I would like to hear comments from you, please send to

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