Submissive Urination

If your dog is urinating when you get home, while he or she is greeting you or when he is being scolded, or when you are petting him, the problem is most likely submissive urination.  Luckily, this is one of the only problems in the world that will go away if you ignore it.

What is happening is that your dog is communicating to you, using body language.  Usually they will show you their bellies first, and then pee a little.  Sometimes they will pee standing, but their ears will always be back, and they will be giving you loving looks.

This language, translated, means, “I love you, you are The Boss, I want to please you.” So you can see that being punished or scolded is very, very confusing to the dog.  It will only get worse as he tries even harder to convey that message!

The cure is to ignore it.  A quiet “hello,” followed by an excited clapping of hands and a command (such as “sit”), will get the dog out of the submissive posture.

Then praise him, let him out or walk him and clean up afterward, when the dog is outside or no longer associates the puddle with the greeting.

Your dog will gradually learn that it is not necessary to greet you with submissive urination, and the behavior will gradually disappear.

Occasionally, there exists a dog that never quite gets over it.  This dog will still greet long-lost special friends with a puddle.  Again, scolding does no good.  Washable throw rugs by the front door and a roll of paper towels handy will help keep your sanity.

Remember that it comes from love, so don’t punish it!

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