The 14 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

  1. The dog is similar to the Maltese Lapdog and other popular toy breeds, although males can grow up to 35 centimetres and weigh up to 9 kilograms. Despite their common appearance, purebred Leuchens are rare. Löwchen are playful, friendly dogs that enjoy the company of people. It is a companion breed, well suited even for children. The cost of a puppy starts at $ 3000 and can reach very impressive sums.

  2. This Japanese breed is also one of the most expensive dog breeds. Of all the dog breeds on this list, Akita is the most famous - thanks mainly to Hollywood and the Hachiko movie. They are large dogs, well adapted to cold temperatures thanks to their thick double coat. The average cost of a purebred puppy is $ 4500.

  3. This is a traditional breed of the nomadic Samoyed tribe from Siberia. The dog helped herd the reindeer, and also pulls the sledge in the harness. The interesting fact: Samoyed wool has hypoallergenic properties; in some regions of the world, wool is collected and used as an alternative for knitting gloves and scarves. While many impurities have appeared and the breed has been diluted, a true purebred Samoyed will cost from $ 4000 and it can be very difficult to find one.

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