Thomas o’ Malley

Thomas o’ Malley is a ginger tabby
with sleek body that’s not flabby
He was somehow, by persons unknown,
discarded, but with us found a home.
He has lazy green eyes and pink nose
always sitting in comfortable pose.

Thomas is not just an ordinary good cat,
at times he’s worse than a stinking rat.
He talks to his human in various sounds
as they, in the garden, do their rounds.
He has his comments and criticisms
of the layout, watering and schisms.

Thomas is a connoiseur and taster of food
as he’ll not eat if not in the right mood.
He looks with disdain on the other cats
as they scramble for cookie rats.
He’ll have fish biscuits, if you please,
not on the floor in the dirt and fleas.
~ Dr. J A Vorster ~

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