Tips for Peaceful Dog Encounters

Most dog meetings are quiet and peaceful. But unfortunately not all. Because not every dog wants to play and not everyone “loves” their own kind. With our tips you can avoid unpleasant “clashes” with other dogs.

When dogs meet, stressful situations can arise. Here you can read how to ensure peaceful and relaxed dog encounters in different situations.

A leashed dog comes

If you meet a dog that is on a leash, you should also leash your dog until you can talk to the other dog owners. You can’t know why the dog is on a leash. Maybe it is a bitch in heat, maybe the four-legged friend is in pain and therefore does not tolerate touching. In such a case, it would not be good if your dog just ran towards the other dog. If the other dog is not allowed off the leash, walk past him quickly with yours.

A loose dog approaches

you know the dog Great, then you can let your dog run off-leash. Is it a stranger? Then keep your dog close to you, on or off the leash, depending on how well you control him. This is the only way you can influence what happens when the dogs meet.

If it’s a bully or rival, you can still stand in front of your dog and prevent an attack. Or release your dog if the encounter is harmless or enjoyable for both of you.

Meet up with a good friend

When you meet a dog that you and your dog know well, there isn’t as much to consider as there is with strange dogs. Let your dog sit down with you before you send it off. After that, the two can greet each other, nose check and play with each other, or each go their separate ways. With the right person, of course.

Other dogs romp in the meadow

Your dog pulls on the leash and wants to sprint as soon as it sees other dogs running around? D rather not. Get it balanced first. He has to sit still before he can join the others. If he ruffles his fur and seems like he’s about to stir up the squad, he stays on the leash and you avoid the other dogs while you get your dog’s attention. If necessary with treats or a toy.

Your dog is leash aggressive

Nothing will help with leash aggression: until you have gradually desensitized your dog or given him the confidence or certainty that there is no danger from the other dogs, do not take the risk of threatening and tugging at the sight of another dog to reinforce. Turn around, distract your dog and avoid reducing the distance between him and the perceived opponent.

Walking the city with the dog

Rule number one when walking around town: keep the dog on a short leash. Flexi or other long leashes are dangerous for you, your dog and people and animals moving around the city. If another dog-human team comes towards you, lead your dog on the side of the body where there is no direct physical contact with the other dog.

Raid from behind

It is precisely such unexpected encounters that often throw people and dogs off the beaten track: another dog runs towards you and your dog from behind – inaudibly and unseen – overtakes or blocks your dog. In such a case, keep calm, call your dog over and turn in the opposite direction.

What if your dog sees another dog in front of him and goes for it? Make yourself noticeable so that the dog and its owner are not “ambushed” in front of you. Call your dog over until the situation is resolved. If your dog shows signs of nervousness or aggression, turn around and let the others move on.

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