Top 10 Best Holistic Food, How to Choose a Holistic Food

  1. British products and the manufacturer produces food not only for dogs but also for cats, as well as for a number of other pets. The line includes both dry and wet food of several types. The sources of protein are carefully ground flour from dried chicken meat, as well as chicken fillets, from which even the smallest bones are selected. The source of protein is a dehydrated egg, and it also contains a whole host of different nutrients. Animal protein is supplemented with vegetable protein - it is represented by pea protein, the content of which is not less than 3%.

    Sources of carbohydrates - potatoes, peas, and sweet potatoes, there is still a sufficient amount of fiber, which is represented by alfalfa. A significant percentage of fats and fatty acids is represented by salmon oil and chicken fat. Vitamin and mineral complexes are completely natural. In addition to alfalfa, there is a small number of carrots, apples, spinach, plantain seeds, chamomile, mint - all of them help to fully saturate the pet's body with the required amount of fiber.

  2. Another Canadian product that has been on the market for about 30 years. Throughout this time, the company's employees have been improving the formula for dog food, bringing it to perfection. The composition of the feed is optimal for all breeds and ages - each type contains inseparable meat, fresh sea fish, which contains a large amount of phosphorus and iodine, healthy vegetables, and many vitamins. There are no grains in the food, instead only animal protein and vegetables are present. The dosage of food is different - in this case, you need to take into account the age of the dog, its size, and the activity of the breed. The percentage of proteins and animal fats is quite high here, so you need to give your pet food in strict accordance with the table indicated on the package, otherwise, there is a possibility of overfeeding the animal. This effect often leads to serious health problems - obesity is the cause of problems with the heart and circulatory system.

    Often, products are produced in the form of granules, which are filled with meat and vegetables inside; herring oil acts as a source of fat. There are no genetically modified foods in the feed. Nutrition has a mild effect on the gastrointestinal tract, is well absorbed in the intestines, forming a minimum amount of waste. Some feeds are supplemented with oats to stabilize blood sugar and prevent fat build-up.

  3. The product belongs to the highest class of food for dogs - it contains exclusively natural ingredients. Due to this, the feed is as close as possible to the natural diet of animals. The composition is produced in the Belgian and Italian industries. The formula is carefully balanced - with its help, it will be possible to preserve not only the health of the animal but also its attractive appearance for many years. The composition of the food was developed taking into account the opinions of experienced veterinarians and professional breeders, and the wishes of buyers are also taken into account. In the production process, only the most modern equipment and the latest technologies are used. According to the owners of the company, the result is the most useful food for dogs.

    It does not contain ingredients such as beets or corn. There are no low-quality meat products here either, as well as chicken and chicken fat - the latter components are often the cause of allergic reactions. The feed contains a decent amount of natural meat of a wide variety of origins - lamb, veal, rabbit, duck, fish, and turkey. In the line, you can find types of food, where four or even five types of meat products are combined at once. Each food in this line contains some rice, which is a source of complex carbohydrates and does not cause allergic reactions. All vitamin supplements are natural; turkey fat, rich in fats and saturated acids, is added to the feed. One of the distinctive qualities of the product is Antarctic krill - a small crustacean that is added as a kind of filler, but it has beneficial qualities: it allows the product to be better absorbed in the intestines of the animal.

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