Top 33 Pug Tattoo Designs of All-Time

  1. Pugs are highly intelligent. During training, they clearly understand what they want from them and quickly memorize commands. Dogs cannot stand pressure and rudeness. When they are shouted at, they can freeze in place and withdraw into themselves for a long time. They need a light, friendly atmosphere for training, and then the dogs will show their best qualities.

  2. The owner of such a tattoo has boundless devotion and loyalty. She loves her family very much and gives her all her attention. Such girls have a soft, calm character, lead a leisurely lifestyle and do everything in a measured manner. They never show aggressiveness and anger, and the resentment lives deep inside.

  3. Having fallen in love with one person, the owner of the tattoo remains devoted to him for life and never considers other options. She expects the same from her partner, and endures betrayal very painfully, and suffers for a long time.

  4. In any case, this body pattern indicates the friendly character and sociability of the owner. Such men are open to the world, are pleasant companions, and are loved by those around them. It is simply impossible to come into conflict with them since this requires at least a small particle of aggression on their part, and they never show such emotion.

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