Every time you take your puppy outside, give her plenty of cues. As you walk out the door with her, say, “Let’s go outside.” Take her to her spot, and repeat your cue phrase, as she is about to eliminate. (Be sure to use a phrase that does not come up in every day conversation. Avoid cues such as”hurry up or be a good dog” in favor of something more specific, such as”do your piddles or wee wee.”)

When she goes, praise her enthusiastically and reward her with a very small food treat, right there on the spot. After several repetitions of this routine, your puppy will learn to eliminate on cue (very useful in bad weather or strange places) and learn that eliminating outside is more fruitful than eliminating inside.

After a week of this, continue to praise the puppy every time she goes outside, but reward with food on a more random basis. In a couple of weeks, you won’t need the food reward at all

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