Wendy Hilling to Canine Partners UK
Wendy Hilling
Who was born with no skin from the waist down.  She suffers terrible skin blisters.
Her throat is smaller than a 5p piece  Wendy is partnered with a dog called Teddy. He can do over 200 tasks including dressing and undressing  and he is more careful than a nurse.  Wendy often stops breathing and Teddy is trained to alert her husband or any person. He has saved her life many times. Teddy is the only dog in the UK to get a government allowance .since
Wendy can lead an excellent life with Teddy who was trained by Canine Partners. Listen to this great story on Saturday.
Here is a short film of them working  together http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmdYUwBgUhs

Wendy Hilling to Canine Partners UK

I think we all find it hard to say HOW MUCH our canine partners mean to us. It runs so deep and so strong that we can almost hear it in our hearts as they beat � we feel they would not beat if it were not for them. Our lives revolve around these very special dogs. They are our lives. Without them life would lose its purpose and meaning to us. You ALL do such a terrific job. Saying Thank You is not enough. It does not say the gratitude we feel to you all. I thank God for the day I picked up the phone and made the call that would change my life forever.

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