12 Things Leonberger Dogs Do That Drive Us Nuts

Leonberger dogs are most often purchased as family dogs, guarding areas of private or country houses. And it is they who can easily be called almost the best among guard breeds due to such qualities:

  • Balanced character (lack of unmotivated aggression and timidity);
  • Friendly attitude towards all members of the host’s family (as well as familiar guests and family friends);
  • Indifferent and calm attitude to the owner’s living creatures (cats, birds);
  • Good learning ability and obedience;
  • Ability to make quick own decisions (if there is no owner nearby);
  • Distrust (without unnecessary anger) towards strangers;
  • Excellent data for outdoor use (pronounced undercoat, thick coat, indifference to heat, and cold).

This breed was created to be a perfect friend to his/her owner. But still, it doesn’t mean that he/she can annoy you. Go on reading to find out more about Leonberger dogs.

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