14 Books Every Basenji Dog Owner Should Read

The Basenji breed of dogs are very funny and funny animals that have a high level of energy, are always cheerful and extremely curious. We can say that this is a very unusual dog that will bring you a lot of joy and unexpected moments, make you smile, and, possibly, cause some inconvenience. In the end, it is a living being with its own pluses and minuses of character.

Since this is a domesticated dog, he has a very high level of intelligence, and internal independence, and therefore do not expect that he will obey you unquestioningly. This is not that breed at all. In this case, the dog must understand why and why it is following commands, which means, at least, it must recognize the owner and leader in you, for your inner qualities. And not for superior strength.

Read the article in order to see a list of cool books.

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