14 Pics That Will Convince You That Poodle Are The Funniest Dogs On The Planet

The poodle is distinguished by outstanding intelligence and intelligence. Talk about him: “A poodle is not yet a man, but it is no longer a dog.” It is the intelligence and intelligence of the poodle that determine its behavior, which demonstrates unparalleled obedience. It may even seem that this dog is a Saint, but in fact it idolizes its owner and recognizes him as an unquestionable authority, since it realizes that he is smarter than himself. The dog supports the “leader” in all his actions, and does not consider it necessary to contradict him. If the owner digs up the ground in the garden, the poodle will immediately join the work and start digging the ground nearby, and if the owner decides to sit down and watch the sunset, he will certainly sit next to it and watch this action with abandon.


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