14 Rare Facts About Dogs

For thousands of years, man and dog have lived together; it would seem that we know everything about these animals. However, scientists are beginning to discover their most unusual abilities only now.

  1. Research has shown that the dog is the only creature in the animal kingdom that can read emotions from a human face. If you suddenly notice that the dog is intently examining you, know: perhaps at this moment, he is trying to determine your emotional state by the expression on his face.

  2. Recently, scientists from the clinic in the German city of Schillerhehe conducted an interesting study. His results led them to believe that dogs can smell certain organic compounds that indicate the development of lung cancer. The discovery attracted the attention of scientists all over the world - after all, such abilities of animals can potentially be used for the early diagnosis of cancer.

  3. Studies have confirmed that inhalation of secondhand smoke can lead to severe respiratory illness in dogs.

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