14 Spellbinding Facts About Lhasa Apsos

Many oriental dogs resemble a mythological lion only outwardly. Lhasa, perhaps, better than other animals approaches the king of animals in character. It is not afraid of anyone or anything. The little dog moves with great indifference among human feet, which should seem to it to be the feet of giants. However, courage can be dangerous at times. Lhasa is not afraid of cars and traffic in general. Therefore, it is better to take it in your arms when crossing a city street.

The dog is so tiny and light that you might even forget to return it to the ground. People usually fall in love with them because of their coat. But the typical dog of this breed does not always have a long, luxurious outfit. To determine the outstanding individual, you need to study the criteria for the breed. Dogs are beautiful on the outside, but the main advantages are on the inside. They need to be loved not as they seem, but as they really are. Then the pets will be happy, and we will become better.

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