140 Portuguese Dog Names

Does your puppy love going to the beach? Can’t miss any soccer game and follow the surfers? Loves to be given grooming or a “pedicure”? Have you ever thought about giving your pet a Portuguese name? There are many interesting variations of the name here. Look and choose!

Male Portuguese Dog Names

yoshi_cutedog/ Intagram
  • Donato – means “given by God.”
  • Francisco – means “French man.”
  • Ernesto – meaning “serious.” It’s hard to get your dog to have some fun—he’s too busy keeping you safe.
  • Daniel – Hebrew for “God is my judge.”
  • Adelmar – from the German word adal meaning “noble” and Mari meaning “famous.”
  • Gonçalo – means “battle” or “fight.”
  • Luiz – means “famous warrior.”
  • Diogo – from Diego, the Hispanic version of James, meaning “supplanter.”
  • Artur – Portuguese version of Arthur, meaning “courageous” or “noble.”
  • Frederico – means “peaceful ruler.”
  • Glaucio – means “blue-gray”.
  • Rafael – means “God has healed.”
  • Amigo – the Portuguese word for “friend.”
  • Alberto – means “noble.”
  • Gil – Spanish and Portuguese version of Giles, meaning “young goat.”
  • Urso – the Portuguese word for “bear.”
  • Antonio – means “highly praiseworthy.”
  • Salvador – means “savior.”
  • Geraldo – Portuguese form of Gerald, meaning “to rule with a spear.”
  • Danilo – Portuguese for Daniel.
  • Lourenço – Portuguese equivalent of Lawrence, meaning “from the place of the laurel leaves.”
  • Miguel – this is the Spanish or Portuguese version of Michael.
  • Rufino – means “redhead.” Accurate and cute name for a dog with red fur.
  • Nuno – means “ninth.” This could be the ninth puppy’s name.
  • Fausto – means “every ruler.”
  • Benedito – Portuguese version of Benedict, meaning “blessed.”
  • Marcos – means “defender.”
  • Cesar – means “hair.”
  • Elias – Portuguese version of Elijah, meaning «my God is YAHWEH.»
  • Hugo – from the old English word hygge, meaning “mind spirit.”
  • Valentim – means “strong.” You can give this to big dogs or working dog breeds.
  • Bruno – means “brown.” Good name for a dog with a beautiful brown coat.
  • Abraao — Portuguese form of Abraham.
  • Andre – means “manly” or “masculine.”
  • Gabriel – Hebrew for “God is my strength.”
  • Alcides – this name is derived from the Greek word alkeides, meaning “strength.”
  • Tomas – means “twin.”
  • Dado – a shortened version of Edward.
  • Gregorio – means “watchful” or “vigilant.”
  • Pablo – the Latin version of Paul, meaning “humble” or “small.”
  • Fado – means “destiny.”
  • Fabiano – from the Latin word faba, an ancient type of broad bean.
  • Figo – he was a Golden Retriever who became famous after he jumped in front of a bus to save his owner Audrey Stone. This name means “cool.”
  • Albino – means “pure” or “pale.”
  • Bento – means “blessed.”
  • Nadar – the Portuguese word for “swim.” Have a dog that loves to swim? Build a DIY dog pool for him!
  • Henrique – the Portuguese form of Henry, meaning “ruler” or “power.”
  • Jorge – Latin version of George, meaning “farmer.”
  • Vicente – means “conqueror.”
  • Iago – is a Spanish and Portuguese name. It is often associated with the character in Macbeth’s Othello.
  • Bonifacio – means “good.”
  • Cornelio – means “horn.”
  • João – this is the Portuguese version of John. It is pronounced as zhoh-OW.
  • Jaime – Spanish and Portuguese form of James.
  • Chinelos – the Portuguese word for “flip-flops” or “slippers.”
  • Feijoada – a traditional Portuguese dish made with beef and beans.
  • Josue – French, Spanish, and Portuguese version of Joshua, meaning «YAHWEH is salvation.»
  • Gustavo – Spanish and Portuguese version of Gustav, meaning «staff of the Geats.»
  • Beijinho – means “little kiss.”
  • Alfonso – means “noble” or “ready.”
  • Emmanuel – means “God is with us.”
  • Aleixo – means “defender.” Perfect if your dog belongs to one of these 10 best guard dog breeds.
  • Simao – meaning “listen.”
  • Zorian – means “happy.”
  • Aco – pronounced as a-sso. It means “steel.” For tough dogs.
  • Chico – short form of Francisco.
  • Martim – this name comes from the Latin name Martinus, meaning “of Mars” or “war-like.”
  • Christiano – after Christiano Ronaldo the famous football player. This name means “Christian.”
  • Carlito – means “little man.” Good idea for small dog breeds like Poodles and Chihuahuas.
  • Adriano – Portuguese version of Adrian, meaning “sea” or “water.”

Female Portuguese Dog Names

misatheportie/ Intagram
  • Estrela – means “star.”
  • Matilde – means “mighty in battle.”
  • Lara – a variant of Larissa and Laura.
  • Lindeza – means “beautiful beyond the physical.”
  • Galena – means “small, intelligent one”.
  • Bebe – means “baby” in Portuguese.
  • Andreia – means “daring.”
  • Balei – symbolizes the intelligent and inquisitive.
  • Sintra – a famous mountain town near Lisbon.
  • Iria – means “woman of peace.”
  • Rosa – for Rosa Mota, a famous Portuguese marathoner.
  • Ramona – means “wise protector.”
  • Alexandra – means “defending men.”
  • Carlotte – “her strength is as a man.”
  • Vanessa – for Vanessa de Sousa Fernandes, a Portuguese triathlete.
  • Nossa – means “our.” It is also a nickname for the Virgin Mary in Portugal.
  • Mara – means “bitter.”
  • Marian – the feminine form of Marian, a name derived from Mars.
  • Zeva – means “sword.”
  • Dylla – means “self-reliant individual.”
  • Suzana – means “lily.” If you like this name, also check out our article on flower names for dogs.
  • Chica – a young woman.
  • Carolina – from the name Carlos, meaning “free man.” It can also mean “song of happiness.”
  • Olena – means “pretty.”
  • Mafalda – means “powerful battler.”
  • Bela – means “white.”
  • Vitoria – means “woman of victory.”
  • Luisa — means “famous warrior.”
  • Rania – means “queen.”
  • Sara – means “princess.”
  • Margarida – Portuguese form of Margaret, meaning “pearl.”
  • Vande – means “wanderer.”
  • Xavia – means “protector of mankind.”
  • Ipanema – fashionable neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Sofia – means “wisdom.”
  • Idonia – means “industrious.”
  • Dulce – means “sweet.”
  • Amanda – means “she who must be loved.”
  • Bianca – means “white” or “shining.”
  • Octavia – means “born eighth.” For the 8th puppy, perhaps?
  • Lucia – “light.”
  • Calista – means “most beautiful.”
  • Ines – the Portuguese variation of Agnes, which means “chaste” or “pure.”
  • Comida – Portuguese term for “food.”
  • Enia – means “fiery.”
  • Uxia – means “well-born.”
  • Praia – means “beach.”
  • Valere – means “brave.”
  • Ylva – means “she-wolf.”
  • Xoana – means “God is gracious.” Pronounced as ZO-ana.
  • Iris – means “rainbow.” It can also refer to the flower.
  • Jéssica – for Jéssica de Barros Augusto, a Portuguese runner.
  • Noemia – Portuguese version of Naomi, meaning “pleasantness.”
  • Ulrica – means “wolf ruler.”
  • Izabel – the Portuguese equivalent of Elizabeth. It means “God is bountiful.”
  • Catina – translates to “pure.”
  • Vixi – slang for “oh my god” in Portuguese. Pronounced as vee-shee.
  • Gloria – is Latin for “glory.”
  • Cloe – the Portuguese version of Chloe. It is the summer name of Demeter which means “blooming” or “verdant.”
  • Leticia – means “happiness.”
  • Nalda – means “strong.”
  • Cascias – this is the name of a resort town in Portugal.
  • Welda – means “ruler.”
  • Rute – means “companion.”
  • Ida – means “diligent” or “prosperous.”
  • Felicia – means “happy.”
  • Pabla – means “small.”
  • Noela – means “day of birth.”
  • Branca – means “white.”
  • Pedrina – feminine version of Pedro, meaning “rock.”

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