15 Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About Beagles

They are one of America’s most beloved and popular dog breeds. Beagles are some of the most recognizable breeds as well. They are overly cute with their large floppy ears and outgoing personalities. They are great companions for adults and children alike, and while they may not be the most adaptable pets, they are very affectionate and friendly. Here are 15 cool facts that you probably didn’t know about Beagles.

  1. There’s a height limit for Beagles in order to be classified as part of the breed. In the United States, Beagles are generally classified into two different sizes. There are those that are stand under 13 inches, which is relatively small compared to other breeds. Beagles are generally considered to be in the category of small dogs anyway. But there are Beagles that are slightly bigger. The U.S. classifies another breed size that’s over 13 inches, but they have to be under 15 inches tall. Anything over that number will probably classify the dog apart from the Beagle breed. In England, the size classification is just a little different. A Beagle can be as tall as 16 inches high. That’s a 3-inch difference from the 13 inches that is standard for most Beagles in the U.S.

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