15 Proofs Why Dobermans Are Best Dogs

A characteristic feature of all Dobermans is exceptional loyalty and devotion to the owner. They can be soft and kind or tough and aggressive dogs – it all depends on the upbringing. The Doberman is happy to play with children, will never refuse to dine at the table with the whole family, and will crawl into the master’s bed if the owners do not have the patience or willpower to wean him from it. As you train and interact with your dog, you will increasingly be amazed at the Doberman’s intelligence and ability to understand you perfectly. Although Dobermans are unusually loyal and affectionate towards the owner, they can be quite aggressive towards strangers. In a calm environment, the Doberman must be balanced and disciplined, otherwise, in a stressful situation, he can behave dangerously and unpredictably.
After looking through these photos you will be convinced that the Doberman is the best dog!

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