16 Awesome Schnauzer and King Charles Spaniel Nail Arts Inspired by Disney`s Lady and The Tramp

The TrampΒ is a Schnauzer mix male dog. Β He never refers to himself by name. He has many families and each one calls him a different name (such as Mike or Fritzi). LadyΒ is a very pretty female dog of Β American Cocker Spaniel breed. She is the true love of Tramp. These great characters were created in 1955 and shown in the movie β€œLady and The Tramp” which became the true classic!

So if you`re a true fan of this movie, here are some great manicure design ideas for you! Would you like to see one of them on your own nails?πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…

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