16 Best Border Collie Memes

The Border Collie breed is one of the oldest in England. When man first decided to use dogs to help graze and guard livestock, these dogs were just the ancestors of the modern border collie. In fact, they were not very different from the current representatives of the breed. Sizes have changed, perhaps modern dogs are more intelligent and understand humans better, but they still retain many of the characteristics of their older predecessors.

In those distant times, people largely relied on their smart and endlessly loyal dogs – they were entrusted with the protection of their homes, they spent time with the children, and of course, helped to guard and graze the herds. We can say that the breed developed naturally since the harsh conditions of the ancient world required from the animal good endurance, courage, and obedience to its owner.

These shepherd dogs were considered extremely valuable, which is not surprising. They were sold quite expensively, and the external characteristics could differ slightly depending on the region. Thus, separate varieties of the breed were formed, which gave the name of the dependence on the area from which they came. In particular, these were the Welsh Shepherds, Northern Shepherds, Mountain Collies, and Scottish Collies.

Let these awesome dog memes give you a tour of just how special Border Collies are!

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