16 Best Boxer Memes to Raise Your Mood

Boxers evolved from the crossbreeding of the extinct Bullenbeiser breed with Mastiffs, Bulldogs, and possibly Great Dane and even Terriers. The breed was developed in Germany in the 19th century, initially for bull-baiting, and later as butcher’s assistants for managing livestock in slaughterhouses.

Some breed historians believe that the name “boxer” comes from the German word “boxl”, as dogs were called in slaughterhouses.

Other connoisseurs argue that the name of the breed is associated with the peculiarity of the use of forepaws by boxers during games, which is similar to the movements of an athlete-boxer.

Boxers came to the USA only after the First World War. After 1940, the breed gradually became one of the most popular in America. Check out the best Boxer memes.

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