16 Best Gifts for Shih Tzu Lovers

The regal-looking Shih Tzu (whose name comes from the Mandarin Chinese word for “lion”) is known for its grace, affectionate nature, and oodles of playful energy. You may be inclined to spoil your Shih Tzu because they’re just so darn cute, but did you know that they were originally bred to be royal lap warmers for Chinese emperors and their families? So a life of luxury may just be in their blood.

Need to buy a gift for a Shih Tzu lover? Read on for some adorable Shih Tzu gift suggestions—and, who knows, you might just find something for yourself, too.

  1. Add some Shih Tzu flair to any outfit with this yellow gold or rose gold-coated bar necklace.

  2. This rad hat is the perfect gift for any Shih Tzu lover with a flair for the casual. This 100% cotton twill hat is hand-embroidered in the USA and finished with an adjustable leather strap.

  3. Be sure to place this Shih Tzu pup holding a festive red stocking in a prominent place on your Christmas tree. Made from resin, this lovable ornament is also hand-cast and painted.

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