18 Best Gifts for Pomeranian Lovers

The dog has a cheerful, cheerful disposition. The expression of the face is usually such that it seems to others that the orange is "smiling" all the time. She is very active, glad to communicate, always ready for an active game. But loneliness is hard.

It lends itself well to training – this is an intelligent dog, it learns commands quickly enough, it is easy to teach it different tricks. Spitz gets along well with other pets, especially if they are familiar from a very early age.

The Pomeranian is distinguished by its almost feline cleanliness – it licks itself, so frequent bathing is not required, and the dog does not smell like a dog at all.

Pomeranians have a clear voice and love to bark – this is how they express their concern. In modern multi-storey buildings, the spitz can be heard on several floors. Loud, incessant barking can infuriate anyone.

Spitz sheds a lot, so you will be cleaning the apartment a lot and often.

A dog needs a steady hand to make him obedient; a feature of the breed is its tendency to dominate, which is why it will be necessary to immediately explain who is the boss in the house.

Below you can find a list of gifts for the Pomeranian lover.

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