18 Gifts That Will Have The Chihuahua Lover In Your Life Squealing With Delight

If Chihuahuas are your spirit animal (or you know someone who’s bout that Chi life) this collection of tiny dog-inspired digs will have you updating your wish list, stat. It’s always possible to take your pup run to the next level — especially when you worship tiny wolves. Here you will find one-of-a-kind Chi-themed baubles, apparel, home decor, and more that will wow your favorite Chihuahua people ’til the dogs come home!

  1. Yas Queen! If your Chihuahua runs sh*t at the dog park, pay her the appropriate tribute with this bossy pendant. These are the perfect baubles for an antique jewelry collector who adores her pup.

  2. There’s always room in your house for more Chi. Whether you need some inspiration in your office or your bathroom needs an update, this elegant Chihuahua illustration by Ginger is the perfect way to boost your home’s canine decor.

  3. Like it? Put a Chi on it. This is the perfect pup-necessary for the Chi-mama who wants to show off her love for her little beast on a daily. Start every day with a wink from this fluffy face and things will be just peachy!

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