190+ Best Car Inspired Dog Names

The sooner you give your new pet a name, the better: it will help him get comfortable, get closer to you, teach him how to respond to calls, and speed up the training process. To make it easier for yourself when choosing a nickname, we recommend paying attention to the following criteria:

Breed of dog. The individual characteristics of the breed can be a good clue when choosing a nickname for dogs. It is also important to consider the size of the pet: for example, some names for small breed dogs may not be appropriate for representatives of large breeds.

Character. Some believe that the name of the animal influences its character. An inverse relationship is also possible: observe the dog for several days, study the features of its behavior and preferences – perhaps they will help you decide on a name.

External features. The color of the pet, its height, weight, individual structural features can also play a role in choosing a future nickname.

MJ Gautrau / Flickr

The “sonority” of the name. Dog names should be short, easy to remember, and acceptable to others. In addition, dog handlers do not recommend giving the pet a name that is consonant with the basic commands, so as not to complicate training.

If you still find it difficult to choose a name, look for suitable names for boys ‘dogs and names for girls’ dogs in the lists below.

Best Car-Related Dog Names

Nathan Kyrouac / Flickr
  • Veyron (Bugatti Veyron)
  • Stella (solar-powered car)
  • Aurelia (Lancia Aurelia)
  • Cam (short for a camshaft auto part)
  • Beretta (Chevrolet Beretta)
  • Cherokee (Jeep Cherokee)
  • Tesla (Electric vehicle)
  • Cooper (Mini Cooper)
  • Dakota (Dodge Dakota)
  • Brera (Alfa Romeo Brera)
  • Fabia (Skoda Fabia)
  • Elva (Elva)
  • Elise (Lotus Elise)
  • Sienna (Toyota Sienna)
  • Mark (Lincoln Mark Series)
  • Owen (Owen Magnetic Motor Car Corporation, 1915-1922)
  • Aston (Aston Martin)
  • Catherina (Saab Catherina)
  • Aspen (Chrysler Aspen)
  • Alpina (Luxurious BMW brand)
  • Logan (Renault Logan)
  • Liana (Suzuki Liana)
  • Acadia (GMC Acadia)
  • Miura (Lamborghini Miura)
  • Porsche (Porsche)
  • Hemi (engine type)
  • Sable (Mercury)
  • Jeffery (Thomas B. Jeffery Company Jeffery, 1902-1917)
  • Avanti (Studebaker Avanti)
  • Phantom (Rolls Royce Phantom)
  • Armada (Nissan Armada)
  • Silvia (Nissan Silvia)
  • Stanley (Stanley Motor Carriage Company, 1902-1924)
  • Paige (Paige-Detroit, 1908-1927)
  • Morgan (Morgan)
  • Holden (Holden)
  • Sonata (Hyundai Sonata)
  • Titan (Nissan Titan)
  • Cayenne (The first SUV designed by Porsche)
  • Nova (Chevrolet Nova)
  • Malcolm (Malcolm Jones, 1914-1915)
  • Colt (Dodge Colt)
  • Gaylord (Gaylord Motorcar Company, 1911-1912)
  • Vin (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Aria (Tata Aria)
  • Allen (Allen, 1913-1921)
  • Nash (Nash Motors Company, 1917-1957)
  • Audi (Audi)
  • Romeo (Alfa Romeo)
  • Dorris (Dorris Motors Corporation, 1906-1925)
  • Jazz (Honda Jazz)
  • Carrera (Porsche 911 Carrera)
  • Capri (Ford Capri)
  • Wilson (Wilson Automobile Manufacturing Company, 1903-1905)
  • Lincoln (Lincoln)
  • Star (Durant Motors Star)
  • Zeta (Zeta)
  • Pierce (Pierce-Arrow Motor Company, 1901-1938)
  • Atlas (Atlas Motor Car Company, 1907-1911)
  • Beetle (Volkswagon Beetle)
  • Cole (Cole Motor Car Company, 1909-1925)
  • Auburn (Auburn Automobile Company, 1900-1936)
  • Azera (Hyundai Azera)
  • Jack (short for a car jack auto part)
  • Martin (Aston Martin)
  • Drift (a driving technique)
  • Dixie (Dixie Flyer, 1916-1923)
  • Felicia (Skoda Felicia)
  • Royce (Rolls-Royce)
  • Giulietta (Alfa Romeo Giulietta)
  • Forrester (Subaru Forrester)
  • Jimmy (GMC Jimmy)
  • Atom (Ariel Atom)
  • Linea (Fiat Linea)
  • Savana (GMC Savana)
  • Christine (Christine Direct Action Motor Company, 1904-1910)
  • Austin (Austin Motor Company)
  • Sierra (GMC Sierra)
  • Ford (Ford)
  • Rio (Kia Rio)
  • Milan (Mercury Milan)
  • Monte (Chevrolet Monte Carlo)
  • Anderson (Anderson, 1916-1925)
  • Harrison (Harrison Wagon Company Harrison, 1905-1907)
  • Willy (Willys “Jeep”)
  • Ariel (Ariel Atom)
  • Dayton (Dayton Electric Cars, 1911-1915)
  • Gauge (car part)
  • Dino (Ferrari Dino)
  • Henry (Henry Motor Car Company Henry, 1910-1912)
  • Riker (Riker Electric Vehicle Company, 1897-1902)
  • Dodge (Dodge)
  • Giulia (Alfa Romeo Giulia)
  • Franklin (Franklin Automobile Company, 1902-1934)
  • Diesel (fuel type)
  • Corbin (Corbin, 1904-1912)
  • Elantra (Hyundai Elantra)
  • Bentley (Bentley)
  • Laguna (Renault Laguna)
  • Mercedes (Mercedes-Benz)
  • Celica (Toyota Celica)
  • Hudson (Hudson, 1909-1957)
  • Jackson (Jackson Automobile Company Jackson, 1903-1923)
  • Ross (Ross Steamer, 1905-1909)
  • Spyder (Porsche 918 Spyder)
  • Accent (Hyundai Accent)
  • Gale (Western Tool Works Gale Model A, 1905-1907)
  • Holley (Holley Motor Car Company, 1900-1904)
  • Lexus (Lexus)
  • Infiniti (Nissan luxury brand)
  • Laura (Skoda Laura)
  • Packard (Packard, 1899-1958)
  • Herbie (VW Bug movie car)
  • Caprice (Chevrolet Caprice)
  • Agera (Koenigsegg Agera R)
  • Catera (Cadillac Catera)
  • Zephyr (Ford Zephyr)
  • Cord (Cord Corporation Cord L-29, 1929-1937)
  • Carroll (Carroll Automobile Company, 1921-1922)
  • Stu (short for Studebaker, 1902-1966)
  • Marbella (Seat Marbella)
  • Zonda (Pagani Zonda)
  • Victoria (Ford Crown Victoria)
  • Ranger (Ford Ranger)
  • Mira (Daihatsu Mira)
  • Zoe (Renault Zoe)
  • Shelby (Shelby)
  • Catalina (Pontiac Catalina)
  • Eleanor (Shelby GT500 movie car)
  • Verona (Suzuki Verona)
  • Clio (Renault Clio)
  • Axle (auto part)
  • Maverick (Ford Maverick)
  • Enzo (Ferrari Enzo)
  • Chevy (Chevrolet)
  • Chevelle (Chevrolet Chevelle)
  • Baron (Chrysler Le Baron)
  • Integra (Acura Integra)
  • Bryan (Bryan Steam Car, 1918-1923)
  • Accord (Honda Accord)

Car Names For Male Dogs

Jessica Myers / Flickr
  • Chevy – Or you can go with the long-form Chevrolet, we think this name actually sounds very elegant.
  • Jaguar – Also a large cat, the jaguar is quite a sleek animal and a fast runner as well.
  • Bentley – Bentleys are largely handmade cars, which also explains the high price point. Although we’re sure no matter how much a Bentley is, it won’t match the pricelessness of your dog.
  • Charger – The Dodge Charger is one of the most amazing muscle cars, and is used by police forces in North America!
  • Cadillac – A maker of heavy-duty cars, it also reminds us of the word “lilac” which could make this a graceful name.
  • Maserati – Also an Italian manufacturer of luxury cars. Seems like Italy is well-known for these expensive vehicles.
  • Diesel – For Diesel trucks, and the fuel that powers diesel engines.
  • Byton– According to Car Models List, they make exciting electric cars.
  • Mustang – Muscle cars are a favorite of ours, so we couldn’t leave this out.
  • Axle (Axel) – Have you hard of an axle rod? It’s the rod that passes through the wheels of a car and keeps them in place.
  • Camaro – Get a yellow one with black stripes and what do you get? Bonus points for the answer.
  • Torque – One of our favorite garage themed dog names! Torque is
  • Mclaren – From Britain, they are a luxury sports car manufacturer.
  • Ryder– As in Knight Ryder, of course!
  • Romeo – If your dog is more of a lover than a runner, Romeo makes up the second half of the luxury car brand, Alfa Romeo.
  • Ford – A long-standing and reliable brand. Just like you hope your dog will live long and be just as reliable.
  • Gauge – If you have been to a car garage, you know these exist on most cars.
  • Jack – It seems quite like a normal name, but it’s also the machinery required to access the bottom of a car you see in garages.
  • Bumper – If your dog is a klutz and constantly bumping into things, this name is quite the fitting one.
  • Boot – The boot is actually the trunk of a car.
  • Rover -Can’t forget this one! Think Land Rover.
  • Phantom – This is a cool name but it’s widely agreed to be the signature Rolls-Royce.
  • Aston – For Aston Martin, one of the premier manufacturers of luxury sports cars. They are sleek and fast, much like your dog!
  • Alfa (Alpha) – For Alfa Romeo, the Italian car manufacturer.
  • Pontiac – A dropped car brand that still makes a great dog name.

Female Dog Names Inspired by Cars

Alan Levine / Flickr
  • Lexus – A higher-end division of Toyota.
  • Infiniti – You love your dog to infinity and beyond, so why not name her after this powerful car?
  • Riviera – It sounds exotic, but it’s also a classic old school muscle car.
  • Cobra – A legendary American muscle car. Your little girl will sound so tough with this name!
  • Cherokee– Jeep’s iconic automobile.
  • Citroen – It rolls off the tongue quite nicely, it’s also an elegant and fancy name for your fur baby.
  • Chevelle – An old-school Chevrolet muscle car that sounds quite nice for a little fur baby girl.
  • Drift – Have you seen your dogs drift around the corner because she’s going so fast?
  • Toyota – When you’re looking for an affordable car that is reliable and stands the test of time, a Toyota would be everyone’s top suggestion.
  • Audi – Luxury in style, the Audi is sleek and is the car equivalent of your beautiful girl puppy.
  • Cayenne – Not the pepper, but the first SUV by luxury brand Porsche.
  • Cabriolet – It sounds so elegant! It’s the term used to refer to convertibles with windows.
  • Bavaria – It can be a unisex name, and we’re pretty sure not many people know where it’s from. It’s the “B” in BMW!
  • Honda – A Japanese car brand, it’s an affordable car line known to be reliable and functional.
  • Tesla – The leading expert in EVs.
  • Kia – A South Korean brand.
  • Christine– As in Stephen King’s super scary fictional car!
  • Pagani – They are responsible for creating some of the world’s supercars.
  • Ferrari – They are so reputable no introduction is needed. For the fast runners, the Ferrari will more than match your dog.
  • Porsche – We cannot forget this brand that makes luxury vehicles in all models.
  • Mazda – A brand often seen in Japanese racing movies.
  • Wildcat – A classic Buick muscle car. It sounds very sexy if you ask us!
  • DeLorean – Have you seen “Back to the Future”?
  • Acura – Said to be Japan’s first luxury car brand.
  • Mini – For the small little dogs that bring us great joy.


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