20 Adorable Rottweilers Who Just Want To Play

Rottweilers are quite versatile. On the one hand, the history of the origin of the breed influenced the formation of their character. Bred by German butchers to guard their herds and property, Rottweilers received such characteristic features as:

  • courage;
  • endurance;
  • the ability to endure pain;
  • determination;
  • appropriate aggression.

Over time, such work ceased to be in demand due to the construction of railways, and they stopped massively getting dogs of this breed. But this did not stop them from becoming popular again due to their working qualities. For the police and rescuers, such assistants came in handy. Rottweilers knew how to perform complex tasks, such as arresting criminals and rescuing people.

Of course, a Rottweiler and children can get along well, but it is better not to leave family members that are too small with the dog alone – it can take any movement of children’s play for a threat. Although representatives of this breed have not only protective qualities, but also a peaceful nature, they will not tolerate familiarity with themselves.

These playful four-legged friends don’t want to get bored! Maybe throw them a ball?

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