240+ Korean Dog Names for Your Pooch!

It’s no secret that many owners are trying to pick up unusual names for their pets in different languages – English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, German. But at the same time, they forget about Korea – a country with an interesting history and traditions. In Korean, you can pick up interesting names with meaning, funny gastronomic, and euphonious geographical names. Another option is to name your pet after a Korean celebrity.

Korean Dog Names With Meanings

kiki Park/Flickr
  • E-Cha is a loving, caring daughter.
  • Lien is a lotus flower.
  • Kuan is a fighter, a soldier.
  • Ho-Seok is a strong man.
  • Jeon is strong, sturdy.
  • Sun is the heiress, the successor.
  • Sang – eternal.
  • Bao is a protector.
  • Nung is velvet.
  • Kim is gold.
  • Ji-A is wise, knowledgeable.
  • Sing is the winner.
  • Seok-Yong is a flower petal.
  • Ji is wise, wise.
  • Dak-Ho is a deep lake.
  • Kew is a role model.
  • Van is cloudy.
  • Seulgi is smart, sophisticated in life.
  • Dinh – height, peak.
  • Isul is a dewdrop.
  • Trey is an oyster.
  • Tuen is a ray.
  • Yu-Na is obedient, patient.
  • Kwan is strong, strong.
  • Hea is a gift from above, grace.
  • Ryung is light, white.
  • Dung is brave.
  • Lan – peace, truce.
  • Jong-suk is outstanding, unusual, original.
  • Monkut – crowned, noble blood.
  • Seo-Jin is good news, an omen.
  • Sak is a stone, flint.
  • Bo-Mi is beautiful, cute.
  • Shin is gullible.
  • Ha-Eun is good-natured, merciful.
  • The scourge is jade.
  • Hwang is bright, resplendent, radiant.
  • Duk is a welcome, long-awaited one.
  • Yu-Jin is dear to his heart.
  • Iseul is dew.
  • Sin is faithful, devoted.
  • Hyun is a benefactor.
  • Guy is courage.
  • Jin is pearl, pearl.
  • Yuong is fearless.
  • Ken is glowing, shiny.
  • In-Na is graceful, slender.
  • Te – greatness, dignity.
  • Wung is wonderful, gorgeous.
  • Cho is beauty.
  • Huong is pink in color.
  • Chun-Hi – born in the spring.
  • Mi is a beauty.
  • Min-Ho is a hero.
  • Su is perfect, perfect.
  • Min is quick-witted, smart.
  • Heh – ocean, sea.
  • Yong is brave, brave.
  • Yon is blooming, blossoming.
  • Hey – both grace and wisdom.
  • Dong – east.
  • Thay is a girlfriend.
  • Thu – born in autumn.
  • Duong is courageous.
  • Bong Cha is perfect, the best.
  • Thi is a poem, a poem.
  • Kuen is a bird.
  • Danby is a long-awaited rain.
  • Puong is a Phoenix rising from the ashes.
  • Jung is love.
  • Chow is a gem.
  • Heh – smart, quick-witted.
  • Yung is prosperous, eternal.
  • The moon is familiar.
  • Jung is righteous, correct.
  • Kui is precious.
  • Te-Hui is big, healthy, huge.
  • Chin is a jewel.
  • Men are bright, shining.
  • So-Hui is gorgeous, inimitable.
  • Hong is a rose.
  • Chun is spring.

Famous Korean Dog Names


It’s a good idea to name your puppy after a Korean celebrity:

  • Kim Evie is a producer.
  • Zia is a singer.
  • Min-hoo-li is an actor.
  • Sejong the Great is a ruler credited with creating the modern Korean alphabet.
  • Li Sung Sin is a national hero, an admiral who defeated Japan in the 16th century.
  • Kim Tae-Hee is an actress.
  • Ban Ki-moon is the UN Secretary General.
  • Kim Young Ah – Olympic champion, figure skating star.
  • Park Chi Sung is a former national football player.
  • Noh Moo Hyun is a modern (2003-2008) human rights activist.
  • Gianna Yun is an actress.
  • Kim Dae Jung is the first Nobel laureate among Koreans.
  • Yu Ji-Te is an actor.
  • Yu-ri Kim is a model.
  • Bay Duna is an actress.
  • An Jung Geun is a fighter against the Japanese occupation.
  • Yoo Hee-Yeo is a singer, pianist, composer, songwriter.
  • Donna Bay is an actress.
  • Seri Paka is a golfer.
  • Jonah-Cho is an actor.
  • Hynza Warda is a soccer player.

Korean Names For Big Dogs

  • Hyun Ki is smart.
  • Chin Gu is a friend.
  • Bong Hwa is nimble, fast.
  • Cho Hee is handsome.
  • Hwang Ji is the king, the emperor.
  • Kun Da is powerful.
  • Kun Koli – with a huge tail.
  • Bom B – spring shower.
  • Sakula – sakura blossom.
  • Xing Loi is the embodiment of trust.
  • Biel is an asterisk.
  • Hanga is freedom-loving.
  • Sungli is the winner.
  • Salang is a favorite.

Korean Names For Small Dogs

  • Masista is sweet, delicious.
  • Gulum is a cloud.
  • Gong is a ball, a ball.
  • Mi Cha is a beauty.
  • Dango is a sweet bun.
  • Belbe is silky, soft, velvety.
  • Choi Gu is the one who is the best.
  • Gonpo is a zest, a grape.
  • Agi is a child, baby.
  • Go Chi is a hot pepper.
  • Dal Ay is a moon child.
  • Miso – emoticon, smile.
  • Jangmi is a gentle rose bloom.
  • Young Gua is a berry.
  • Yus Gin is funny, funny.
  • Moteo – whirligig, perpetual motion machine.

Korean Food Names for Dogs

Michael Simon/Flickr

An idea for owners with a good sense of humor is to name their pet after a popular Korean dish, product, drink:

  • Chartogs;
  • Heh;
  • Pulkogi;
  • Chimchi;
  • Kadyan;
  • Yuja;
  • Kore-Mara;
  • Vecha;
  • Chorim;
  • Dim-Sam;
  • McCallley;
  • Namul;
  • Ttok;
  • Sunde;
  • Ramen;
  • Hwe;
  • Pokkim;
  • Tuba;
  • Soju;
  • Champaigne;
  • Chirgumi;
  • Panchkhan;
  • Cooksey;
  • Kimchi;
  • Nanman;
  • Kadicha;
  • Gimpab;
  • Pigody;
  • Janak;
  • Hochpche;
  • Puktyai.

Geography Inspired Korean Dog Names

Vitaliy Sergienko/Flickr

The next idea for inspiration is Korean cities.

  • Hoeren;
  • Kumi;
  • Ansan;
  • Gwangju;
  • Wonsan;
  • Andon;
  • Koje;
  • Busan;
  • Anyan;
  • Kuson;
  • Anju;
  • Nason;
  • Seongnam;
  • Shinpo;
  • Daegu;
  • Sonnim;
  • Chonyup;
  • Namwon;
  • Kange;
  • Mirian;
  • Yeosu;
  • Kimje;
  • Yansan;
  • Iksan;
  • Hwaseong;
  • Asanas;
  • Kuri;
  • Khesan;
  • Poren;
  • Yanju;
  • Pyongyang;
  • Suwon;
  • Nonsan;
  • Seoul;
  • Keren;
  • Nanju;
  • Osan;
  • Hanam;
  • Icheon;
  • Gimhae;
  • Sanju;
  • Kunsan;
  • Chinhe;
  • Donghae;
  • Manpo;
  • Sariwon;
  • Pohang;
  • Jeonju.
  • Sihyn;
  • Hamkhyn.

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