25 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Estonia

Estonia’s Top 25 Dog Breeds: Which Ones Reign Supreme?

Estonians are known for their love of dogs, and it’s no surprise that the country boasts a diverse range of popular dog breeds. Let’s take a look at the top 25 dog breeds in Estonia that are loved by dog owners across the country.

At the top of the list is the German Shepherd, which is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and protective nature. Following close behind is the Labrador Retriever, a friendly and sociable breed that’s perfect for families. Other popular breeds include the Golden Retriever, the Jack Russell Terrier, and the Siberian Husky.

But it’s not just purebred dogs that are popular in Estonia. Mixed breed dogs, such as the "Eesti Segavereline" (Estonian mixed breed), are also popular among dog owners who are looking for a loyal and loving companion.

From Lovable Labradors to Cute Corgis: Meet Estonia’s Furry Favorites!

One of the most popular dog breeds in Estonia is the Labrador Retriever. These friendly and outgoing dogs are known for their love of people and their eagerness to please. They’re great with kids and make excellent family pets.

Another popular breed in Estonia is the Corgi. These adorable dogs are known for their short legs and long bodies, which make them look like living stuffed animals. They’re also highly intelligent and trainable, which makes them perfect for owners who are looking for a dog that’s easy to train.

But it’s not just the big dogs and the cute dogs that are popular in Estonia. The Jack Russell Terrier is also a favorite among Estonians, thanks to its high energy and playful nature. These little dogs are always on the go, and they’re great for owners who enjoy an active lifestyle.

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