33 Perfect Gifts for Basset Hound Lovers and Owners

This dog looks like a sad aristocrat, he seems immensely phlegmatic and detached from the world. But what do you say when you find out that this is a real hound? Only short.

Basset Hound is an English hound breed. There is a myth: once Sir Conan Doyle in the marshy area of Baskerville Hall settled a monstrous ghost – a huge dog regularly hunted the heirs of the damned family. Today the Basset Hound is considered the prototype of the dangerous ghost – the Baskerville dog is often perceived in connection with this breed. Indeed, the Basset Hound dog has a distinctive and memorable appearance. Diamond-shaped brown eyes, soft, long, well-curled ears, a muscular neck with a dewlap, folds and wrinkles on the neck, short and massive paws, and a saber-shaped tail – once you see a dog, you will not forget!

Below you can see a list of gifts for Basset Hound lovers:

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