7 Embarrassing and Gross Things Only Dog Owners Will Appreciate

Dog owners often have completely different thoughts than people without a dog. Find out how many of these seven embarrassingly gross things you know from your everyday life.

Dog people have a very different perspective on many things than non-dog owners. Often they are less sensitive, maybe less serious, but definitely more fun. A dog changes a lot in life. Therefore, only dog owners understand these thoughts.

Happy about dog poop

If you don’t have a dog, you probably won’t understand that. But for dog owners, there is nothing wrong with picking up the dog excrement (with a bag, of course) and disposing of it properly. And not only that: When the dog does its business, many owners would like to cheer.

The joy of dog excrement is so great because the owner quickly worries if the dog does not have a bowel movement. Of course, the relief is all the greater when digestion gets going again. Concerned dog owners know it for sure!

Ask the dog for advice

Sometimes you need someone to just sit and listen. And our dogs are true masters at this. Many would claim that the dog would understand every word they said. But this has not yet been scientifically proven.

What is certain, however, is that people who talk to their pets are more intelligent. That’s according to a study by the University of Chicago. The head of the study, Nicholas Epley, explains it this way: If you talk to an animal, you are assigning human thoughts to it. This humanization is called “anthropomorphism”. According to Epley, this is a clear sign of social intelligence.

It may seem strange to outsiders when you talk to your dog. But you certainly don’t have to be ashamed of it.

Cheesy pet names for dogs

Dogs manage to fascinate their owners every day. It’s no wonder that most dog owners come up with new, cute, and sometimes rather kitschy nicknames for their dogs almost every day. While you address your own dog with “Welpi”, “Baby” or “Max”, your partner has to be content with a simple “Treasure”.

Sharing food with the dog

Admittedly, from an educational point of view, it is not wise to give the dog some of your own food. And some things that taste good to us humans are poisonous to dogs. Many dog owners find it difficult to resist the big, shiny eyes of their own dog. Even if they would never admit it in front of other dog people.

Nevertheless, not only the dog, but also the human should learn that the dog gets nothing to eat from the table. With a little consistency and a few tricks, you can stop your dog from begging.

Be childish and silly

Romping around like crazy with the dog in the meadow and talking to the dog in baby talk is completely normal for dog people. This can be a bit irritating for non-dog owners. But dogs don’t mind, quite the opposite.

Researchers at the British University of York announced that it strengthens the bond between dog and human when mum or dad talks to the animal in baby talk. Also, dogs don’t judge or judge. They don’t care if we act crazy around them.

Dog hair is not a problem

Anyone who lives with a dog knows when clothes, sofa and other surfaces are covered with hair. In contrast to many dogless people, dog owners don’t mind. Or they found a way to keep the apartment as clean as possible. Because with a few simple tricks, you can keep your home as hair-free as possible, even during the shedding season.

To be licked

Not every dog person likes it or allows their own dog to lick them. For many, however, this is something absolutely normal. Dogs usually lick a person to cement the relationship. If the dog likes it, they lick it.

Do not prohibit your dog from licking. He wants to show his love by doing this and wouldn’t understand what he’s doing wrong. For reasons of hygiene, however, it is better not to have your face licked. Instead, offer him your hands and wash them thoroughly afterward.

There are many things that are totally normal for dog owners and that non-dog owners find embarrassing, weird, or gross. It is important that you are not ashamed of it. Because the main thing is that you and your dog are happy.

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