70 Dog Names After Celebrities

Looking for inspiration for your new dog’s name? It’s a great idea to name your puppy after a celebrity. And we have already picked up great options! Look and choose!

Female Dog Names After Celebrities

meadow_pomsky_aussie/ Instagram
  • Emma (Emma Watson)
  • Cameron (Cameron Diaz)
  • Kate (Kate Winslet)
  • Natalie (Natalie Portman)
  • Angelina( Angelina Jolie)
  • Scarlett (Scarlett Johansson)
  • Anne (Anne Hathaway)
  • Jessica (Jessica Alba)
  • Keira (Keira Knightley)
  • Julia (Julia Roberts)
  • Halle (Halle Berry)
  • Megan (Megan Fox)
  • Sandra (Sandra Bullock)
  • Drew (Drew Barrymore)
  • Sigourney (Sigourney Weaver)
  • Kate (Kate Beckinsale)
  • Jennifer (Jennifer Aniston)
  • Rachel (Rachel McAdams)

Male Dog Names After Celebrities

rustythesurfingminpin/ Instagram
  • Johnny (Johnny Depp)
  • Arnold (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  • Jim (Jim Carrey)
  • Daniel (Daniel Radcliffe)
  • Leonardo(Leonardo DiCaprio)
  • Tom (Tom Cruise)
  • Brad (Brad Pitt)
  • Charles (Charles Chaplin)
  • Morgan (Morgan Freeman)
  • Tom (Tom Hanks)
  • Hugh (Hugh Jackman)
  • Matt (Matt Damon)
  • Sylvester (Sylvester Stallone)
  • Will (Will Smith)
  • Clint  (Clint Eastwood)
  • George (George Clooney)
  • Steven (Steven Spielberg)
  • Harrison (Harrison Ford)
  • Robert (Robert De Niro)
  • Al (Al Pacino)
  • Robert (Robert Downey Jr.)
  • Russell  (Russell Crowe)
  • Liam  (Liam Neeson)
  • Mark (Mark Wahlberg)
  • Pierce (Pierce Brosnan)
  • Sean (Sean Connery)
  • Orlando (Orlando Bloom)
  • Dwayne (Dwayne Johnson)
  • Jackie (Jackie Chan)
  • Adam (Adam Sandler)
  • Heath (Heath Ledger)
  • Edward (Edward Norton)
  • Bradley (Bradley Cooper)
  • Nicolas (Nicolas Cage)
  • Daniel (Daniel Craig)
  • Keanu (Keanu Reeves)
  • Ian (Ian McKellen)
  • Bruce (Bruce Willis)
  • Samuel (Samuel L. Jackson)
  • Ben (Ben Stiller)
  • Tommy (Tommy Lee Jones)
  • Antonio (Antonio Banderas)
  •  Denzel (Denzel Washington)
  • Steve (Steve Carell)
  • Shia (Shia LaBeouf)
  • James (James Franco)
  • Mel (Mel Gibson)
  • Vin (Vin Diesel)
  • Tim (Tim Allen)
  • Robin (Robin Williams)
  • Kevin (Kevin Spacey)
  • Jason (Jason Biggs)

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