8 Reasons Why Hamsters Snap

Has your hamster bitten? Then it is often a sign that something is wrong with him. Now it is important to know what makes your hamster so aggressive and what you can do about it.

Hamsters are actually peaceful animals. If they do bite, however, they are usually not the problem – it is the person. If an animal behaves “wrong” in our eyes, one should always ask what the causes are. In many situations that humans find pleasant, the hamster becomes irritated and bites. In his eyes, he is doing the right thing, while you don’t understand at all that the problem is. We clear up the misunderstandings between humans and animals and explain why your hamster bit.

If the hamster does not get enough exercise, it will bite

Frequently, your hamster’s aggressiveness has to do with incorrect posture. Too many believe that a small animal like the hamster only needs a small cage. But this assumption is wrong! Some hamster cages available in pet shops also offer the animals too little space. So make sure that the enclosure is big enough for your hamster and that he gets his well-deserved free run at least once a day.

Boredom makes the hamster bite

If the hamster has the opportunity to exercise extensively, but no meaningful employment opportunities, this also has nothing to do with species-appropriate husbandry. Hamsters need the right toys and home decor to keep them happy.

The wrong toy torments the hamster

Even if you buy toys from a pet store that are specially made for hamsters, there is no guarantee that your hamster will be happy with their new toys. Many products that are said to be suitable for small rodents can cause your darling considerable damage: These include hamster balls, from which the animal cannot free itself – they cause enormous stress. It’s just as little fun for hamsters to squeeze through transparent tube systems. Contrary to the information provided by the manufacturer, they have nothing to do with the natural structure of the hamster and put the animals under enormous stress.

It depends on the right equipment: It makes sense to keep your hamster busy with branches of beech, fruit trees, and hazelnuts – the hamster can nibble vigorously here. There is also a positive side effect: the animals can crawl and hide under the branches, just as they like to do. In addition, good hay not only provides a source of food, but also an ideal and natural toy.

If a hamster is disturbed, it will bite

Unfortunately, many hamster owners are unaware that they have brought a nocturnal animal into their homes. If you disturb your hamster during the day when he is sleeping, it is understandable that he will also defend himself – possibly by biting you. Allow your hamster to sleep! In general, you should avoid stress factors such as loud music, bright lights, and loud noises near the cage for the sake of your hamster.

If you harass your hamster, it may bite

Hamsters don’t just look cute, they also have very soft fur – many see this as an invitation to cuddle the little animals. But beware! Hamsters are loners who prefer not to have close physical contact with humans. Unfortunately, many hamster owners only become aware of this fact after they have bought it and they are surprised when they get bitten when they try to cuddle it.

Of course, you can touch a tame hamster and also carry it carefully. If it still bites, it’s probably because you handled it clumsily.

Hamsters will bite when they are in pain

In addition to the psychological stress, there can also be physical reasons why the hamster bites. If your hamster does not normally bite, you should definitely check with your veterinarian to see if your hamster is in pain or has an illness.

The new hamster bites

Have you gotten a new hamster and found that the little fellow is not so peaceful after all? If he bites you before he really gets to know you and his new home, it’s probably because of the previous owner’s bad attitude. Give your hamster time to get to know everything. If you treat him well, he can get rid of this defensive behavior towards you.

The hamster accidentally bites

If the hamster bites, it can also have a very banal reason: If you had food or treats in your hand beforehand, the little rodent just wanted to try a bit of the supposed food. If he bites you when you put your finger through the grate, there’s probably also a mix-up: If you normally give him treats through the grate, he probably expected a treat.

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