90+ Chinese Dog Names

China is a beautiful oriental country with an ancient unique culture that has given the whole world a treasure trove of attractions.

If you want to pay tribute to your Chinese heritage, you are fascinated by Chinese culture and history, or you are bringing home a Chinese breed – like Shar-Pei, Pug, or Shih Tzu – it’s a great idea to give your puppy a Chinese name.

Due to the vast variety of ancient history and culture in China, you may not know exactly where to start looking for the perfect dog name. But the good news is that we’ve done a great job for you and put together ideas for the perfect Chinese names for your new puppy!

Male Chinese Dog Names

hanhan_dog_0517/ Instagram
  • Quon (Bright)
  • Chanming (Forever Bright)
  • Weisheng (Greatness is Born)
  • Bai (Pure)
  • Hong Li (Great Strength)
  • Jiaozi (Dumpling)
  • Ping (Stable)
  • Lei (Thunder)
  • Quan (Fresh Spring Water)
  • Buddha
  • Didi (Little Brother)
  • Fu Han (Broad Minded)
  • Lok (Happiness)
  • Chen Gong (Success)
  • Chen (Great)
  • Manchu (Pure)
  • Diandian (Spot)
  • Xin (New)
  • Dao (Sword)
  • Nao Nao (Naughty)
  • Ji (Lucky)
  • Xiaobo (Little Wrestler)
  • Wei (Robust)
  • Ken-Zhi (Earnest)
  • Gengi (Golden)
  • Weizhe (Great Sage)
  • Heng (Eternal)
  • Ming-Tun (Intelligent)
  • Hui (Splendor)
  • Mushu
  • Kai (Victorious)
  • Longwei (Greatness of a Dragon)
  • Xun (Sun)
  • Jie-Rui (Quick Minded)
  • Ming-Hua (Brilliant)
  • Fu (Wealthy)
  • Liko (Protected by Buddha)
  • Liang (Excellent)
  • Jun (Handsome)
  • Xue (Snow)

Female Chinese Dog Names

caseythepeke/ Instagram
  • Nuwa (Mother Goddess)
  • Nuan (Affectionate)
  • Hai (Sea)
  • Ling (Soul)
  • Jia (Beautiful)
  • Li Ming (Beautiful Light)
  • Huiqing (Affectionate)
  • Qui (Autumn)
  • Lian (Dainty/Delicate)
  • Hua (Flower)
  • Xiolian (Little Lotus)
  • Zhen (Chaste)
  • Yang (Sun)
  • Fang (Fragrant)
  • Sying (Star)
  • Lee (Plum)
  • Chun Hua (Spring Flower)
  • Shu (Warm Hearted)
  • Nuwa
  • Zi (Beautiful)
  • Mulan
  • Mei Mei (Little Sister)
  • Hi (Loving)
  • Zhenzhen (Precious)
  • Jiao (Charming)
  • Ah Lam (Peace)
  • Tao (Peach)
  • Boba (Tea)
  • Hong (Rainbow)
  • Lin (Gem)
  • Chao (Leap)
  • Yenay (She Who Loves)
  • Bao (Jewel)

Chinese Dog Names Inspired by Nature

aristoteles.krueger/ Instagram
  • Hǎi (“sea”)
  • Chun (“spring”)
  • Xue (“snow”)
  • Pùbù (“waterfall”)
  • Yue (“moon”)
  • Qiu (“fall” or “autumn”)
  • Hé (“river”)
  • Shān (“mountain”)
  • Lin (“beautiful jade”)
  • Fú (“lotus”)

Top 10 Chinese Dog Names

chinese_.culture/ Instagram
  • Chen (“great”)
  • Ai (“loving”)
  • Chong (“powerful”)
  • Sying (“star”)
  • Kuai (“quick-minded” or “clever”)
  • Ming-Hua (“brilliant”)
  • Hui (“kind”)
  • Huan (“happiness”)
  • Xiáng (“good luck”)
  • Bao (“jewel” or “precious”)

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