American Toy Fox Terriers: Small Dogs with Big Dog Personalities

A big dog in a small body! This is what they often say about the Fox Terrier Toy breed. This small and very cute creature has incredible courage, energy, strong character, and leader temperament. With the help of these qualities, he often won prizes at dog shows. Also, the doggie is a good hunter.

General Description

He will become a loyal and reliable friend. Its diminutiveness, protruding ears, and childish spontaneity simply cannot leave you indifferent. It is enough to look at it once and you will definitely want to smile.

Origin Story

Like most animals, they also have many different versions and assumptions about the history of their name and existence.
The homeland of this species is rightfully considered the United States. This breed was bred back in 1939. Many different breeds are mixed in the blood. Their ancestors are English Toy Terriers, Italian Greyhounds, Mini Pinschers, Smooth-haired and Long-haired Terriers. From its progenitors, the fox terrier received an excellent appearance and good physical characteristics.


In the character of this mini dog, incredible activity, curiosity, sociability, benevolence are placed. He is very affectionate and gentle. The main feature of his character is unlimited sincerity towards people. The main thing for him is to be in the center of attention and to feel the love of his master, do not forget to pamper with a delicacy for good behavior. Fun games with children give him great pleasure, so be sure that the toy will be able to take on the duties of a nanny. There are not enough words to describe how “sick and kind” he has, which knows how to infinitely and loyally love his family.
Unlike other species, he gets along well with pets. It can behave a little aggressively towards its own breeds and then if it feels some kind of threat from them.
If you give it little of your attention, it can provoke depression. Therefore, do not leave him alone for a long time.

Standards and Characteristics

These dogs have an incredibly cute and elegant appearance. They have a fairly flexible and proportional body with well-developed musculature and musculoskeletal system. This breed cannot be confused with large species.
The standard shows that the weight of an adult fox terrier varies in the aisles from 1 to 4 kilograms. It has a small head, large triangular ears, and more expressive round eyes. His gaze exudes curiosity, sincerity, and close attention to everything that happens around him. He has a short and very soft coat. The color of the coat can be pure white or with a blue tint, as well as with a variety of colored specks that make its appearance extraordinary and funny.
The American Toy Fox Terrier, thanks to its developed mental abilities and quick wit, easily learns new tricks. The training process needs to be built in a playful way, this will help to assimilate information much faster and remember it. It is also worth knowing that he will not tolerate rude treatment in his address.

Maintenance and Care

Unlike most dogs, these animals need only living conditions in an apartment. They are very sensitive to cold and heat.
It may seem to you that this decorative look needs constant care. Quite the opposite, all that is required of you is a thorough combing out of the fur with a special brush or mitten. It is necessary to bathe it only as needed. You should also trim his claws, as well as monitor the cleanliness of the oral cavity, eye, ears, nose. In the cool season, it is worth worrying about the warmth of your pet. Dress him in special dog clothes before walking. Such measures will save the doggie from hypothermia and colds.
They are quite energetic, so you should provide your pet with frequent and active walks in the fresh air and a sufficient amount of physical activity to maintain the tone and physical shape.
Take proper care of your dwarf pet, this will guarantee him a long and happy dog ​​life.

Health and Disease

It is worth monitoring their health very closely, since they may still have food allergies, so carefully monitor their diet. To prevent your pet from catching a cold while walking, dress him warmly. Sharp temperature drops reduce the protective functions of the body’s immune system.
Ask how long these dogs live? If you carefully monitor and take care of your pet’s health, feed it only with high-quality food and often walk it, then the life expectancy can be on average 12-15 years.
Regular grooming and health care will help prevent your pet from getting sick.


The terrier is not picky about food. He consumes a small amount of food. Basically, food should consist of meat and dairy products, cereals, and vegetables. Be careful to keep clean water in the dog’s bowl at all times.
Due to the fact that fox terriers are allergic, the diet should also exclude foods to which they have an intolerance. Therefore, eliminate beets, wheat, and corn from the diet.
An animal’s diet should consist of a large number of nutrients, vitamins, micro and macro elements for the full growth and development of the immune, musculoskeletal, nervous, and digestive systems of the body. A properly balanced diet is the key to a happy and long life for your four-legged pet.

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