Australian Shepherd Husky: Australian Shepherd & Siberian Husky

Imagine, if you want, a mix of Australian Shepherd Husky.

Nice right?

The Australian Shepherd Husky is one of those crossbreeds that is a rapidly rising star in the world of crossbreeds.

It’s easy to see why you’ve seen one.

But how do you know if this crossbreed will suit your lifestyle?

Read on because we have a ton of information on the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix for you!

Introducing the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

The Australian Shepherd Husky mix, also known as the Aussie Siberian, is a standout designer dog who is taking the world of crossbreeds by storm!

A cross between the purebred Australian Shepherd and the purebred Husky, this gorgeous breed not only has a stunning look, but it also harbors incredible intelligence, a highly competitive work ethic, and loads of personality!

While that sounds great, there is a lot about this nifty crossbreed that you should understand before committing to owning your own.

Let’s start with the fact that he’s a designer dog, and that in itself is controversial.

Why do you ask?

Well, we will find out!

The Designer Dog Debate

Designer dogs, mixed-breed dogs, and hybrid dogs are all terms used to describe the result when two purebred dogs come together to create a litter of mixed offspring.

What is the difference between crossbreed dogs and mutts?

To be honest, this is part of the debate.

Proponents of crossbreeding argue that crossbreeding is a planned mix of two carefully selected breeds with a specific result.

Mutts, on the other hand, are rather unintentional creations that often have different races in their blood.

To learn more about how mutts and crossbreeds differ from each other, visit us here.

What to expect when expecting a crossbreed

Another criticism of the crossbreed is that it removes the certainty of pure bleeding.

Pedigree dogs are selectively bred over many, many generations so their appearance and temperament are predictable and reliable.

A crossbred dog can inherit any combination of traits from its parents – they are surprising and unpredictable.

Critics consider this to be a pointless offense of generations of hard work. Enthusiasts find it exciting.

Only you can decide how you feel.

Hybrid power

But how do health and crossbreeding compare to purebred animals?

This argument is important.

Many purebred dogs suffer from a number of diseases that are difficult to evade hereditary health problems due to being bred from a limited gene pool.

Crossbreed dogs immediately benefit from a broader gene pool that can reduce the effects of hereditary diseases.

This is called hybrid power. For more information click here>.

Read on to find out what it means for the Australian shepherd mix.

How did the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix come about?

When looking at a first-generation crossbreed, such as the Australian Shepherd Husky mix, keep in mind that there aren’t really a lot of documents about their origins.

That’s because its story is still in the making.

Fortunately, we can learn more about what makes him so special by taking a quick look at the history of his parent breeds.

Let’s start with the Australian Shepherd!

Australian Shepherd History and origins

The name is wrong.

The Australian Shepherd, also often referred to as the Aussie, is an American breed.

While having some Australian roots, the Australian Shepherd was refined and perfected in the 19th century in California, where it gained a cowboy reputation as a best friend.

Exploited and revered for its incredible intelligence and unsurpassed work ethic, the Australian Shepherd was and is one of the most valuable breeds in America.

This is because the Australian Shepherd is happiest when he has a job.

Today’s Aussie

He enjoys getting work done and this is one of the traits that make him one of the most fabulous service dogs to come across!

But this breed isn’t all work and fun.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Australian Shepherd is also one of the most popular family dogs in the United States.

He is currently number 16 out of 194 on the AKC’s list of Most Popular Dog Breeds!

But what about the husky?

Is he that intelligent and popular?

Let’s find out!

Siberian Husky history and origins

The origin of the Siberian husky is an ancient working breed that has its roots in early Asia.

According to the AKC, the husky is a forerunner of ancient sled dogs that were bred by the Chukchi.

Aside from work, the husky’s ancestors were also valued as companion dogs.

In fact, the breed is believed to have played an extremely dynamic role in how the Chukchi people were able to survive in freezing temperatures and in rough terrain.

When the unstable climates forced the Chukchi to move, they began honing their dogs, creating a more resilient sled dog that could run long distances while pulling fairly heavy loads behind them.

This is how the modern husky was born!

Today’s husky

Ranked # 12 out of 194 on the AKC’s list, the husky is a popular companion dog known for its intelligence, work ethic, and loyalty to its family.

And amazingly, this hardworking and beautiful purebred animal is still used by modern-day mushers in North America!

No wonder the breeders chose to cross the Aussie and Husky given their fascinating history and incredible intelligence.

But what about the temperament?

Is the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix a Good Family Dog?

The temperament of the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

Due to the fact that this is a first-generation mixed breed generation, the determination of the Australian Shepherd Husky mix temperament could be made.

Given the temperaments of both parent breeds of both Australian Shepherd Husky mixed dogs, we can surmise that this hybrid will be intelligent, work-oriented, and active.

As with all dogs, early training in socialization and obedience will help make your Australian Shepherd Husky mix a well-rounded and adaptable crossbreed.

What other spirited traits could your Australian Shepherd Husky inherit?

Australian Shepherd Temperament

The Australian Shepherd is known to be intelligent, but with the mind comes responsibility.

This is a breed that needs a lot of mental stimulation to stay happy.

That means it takes a lot of doggy jobs for him to feel complete.

Doggy jobs could include bringing in the newspaper, helping with the laundry, and more.

The Aussie is also incredibly playful and full of energy.

He gets along well with children and other dogs.

However, a potential owner should keep in mind that the Aussie is a bred herding dog.

He can take other pets and family members with him as if they were part of his herd.

The Aussie needs their energy and intelligence, which are used positively to ensure they stay happy and that others around them stay happy too.

Left to its own devices, the Aussie is prone to boredom, and a bored Aussie can be destructive.

However, with plenty of exercises and mental stimulation, the Aussie makes a great family pet!

He bonds very strongly with his people and is best suited for families with those who can provide him with the attention and love he needs to thrive!

Remember, your Australian Shepherd Husky mix can take on the personality of its Australian Shepherd parent.

If so, then you should consider all of the above.

But what if he indulges his husky parents’ temperament?

The temperament of the husky

Much like its Australian counterpart, the husky is incredibly family-oriented and bonds strongly with its people.

Remember that this breed was not only bred to be a working dog, but also a companion.

He loves people of all ages and should be able to get along well with both children and other pets!

Much like the Australian Shepherd, the Husky has a lot of energy and has been refined to have resilience and strength.

He needs a lot of exercises and mental stimulation, and since both the Aussie and Husky are similar in these respects, you should expect the Australian Shepherd Husky mix to share the same characteristics.

But is it that easy to predict what your Australian Shepherd Husky mix will look like?

Not necessarily.

Definition of the characteristics of the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

The Aussie and the Husky are both medium-sized dogs.

Both can have blue eyes, but also brown eyes or one eye of both.

In fact, a blue-eyed Australian Shepherd Husky mix isn’t uncommon.

But is there such a thing as a Mini Australian Shepherd Husky mix?

And what does the coat of the Australian Husky mix look like?

To find out, let’s take a look at the parent breeds of the Australian Husky mix!

Defining characteristics of the Australian Shepherd

The typical Australian Shepherd Dog grows 18 to 23 inches and weighs 40 to 65 pounds.

However, there are mini versions of these dogs that are actually referred to as American American Shepherds.

They can be 13 to 18 inches tall and weigh 20 to 40 pounds.

If you are looking for a Mini Australian Shepherd Husky mix, this is likely a cross between a Husky and a Mini American Shepherd.

The Australian Shepherd Dog is famous for its beautiful, double-layered coat that is slightly longer on its body and shorter on its face.

He has short, erect ears, and his eyes can be blue, brown, or even one brown and one blue eye at the same time!

The Aussie’s beautiful coat can come in six color combinations:

  • black
  • Red Merle
  • Blue merle
  • Red tricolor
  • Black tricolor
  • Tan

Define characteristics of the husky

The husky is another great breed that is hard to confuse with its thick, weatherproof coat and thickly feathered history.

It weighs around 35 to 60 pounds and stands between 20 and 23.5 inches tall.

His thick coat can come in a variety of colors and combinations, including:

  • White
  • Syringes
  • black
  • silver
  • Agouti
  • sable
  • Piebald
  • Blue Belton
  • copper
  • Black and gold
  • brown

Grooming and general grooming of an Australian Shepherd Husky mix

Because the Aussie and Husky have such similar coats, their grooming needs are nearly identical.

Taking care of your Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Coat is remarkably easy, despite the amount of fur this crossbreed has.

While your dog will need to be brushed weekly to keep their coat and skin looking and feeling great, all they really need is an occasional bath.

Keep in mind that the purebred parents of the Australian Shepherd Husky mix both lose weight seasonally.

This is why your Australian Shepherd Husky mix needs to be brushed with a wire brush twice a year every two or three days.

Since your Australian Shepherd Husky mix is ​​such an active breed, he will need to pay special attention to his nails.

Make sure they are cut off regularly so they don’t break.

He also needs to check and clean his ears regularly to avoid developing ear infections.

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix lifespan and health issues

On average, the Australian Shepherd Husky mix could live between 12 and 15 years.

It’s important to note that he could be prone to the hereditary health conditions of his parent breeds.

You should consider having early health screening for your Australian Shepherd Husky mix to keep yourself up to date on any possible health issues they may face in the future.

With early check-ups, you can better control the general well-being of your Australian Shepherd Husky mix. However, we also recommend researching the health issues of its purebred parent breeds.

We’ll start with the Australian Shepherd.

Australian Shepherd lifespan and health issues

With a lifespan of around 12 to 15 years, the Aussie can be responsible for a number of genetic diseases, including:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye diseases
  • Sensitivity to drugs
  • epilepsy

Husky’s lifespan and health issues

The husky has a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years, and they are most prone to:

  • Cataracts
  • progressive retinal atrophy
  • Corneal dystrophy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • follicular dysplasia
  • Zinc deficiency
  • Hypothyroidism

How do I train and train my Australian Shepherd Husky Mix?

The Australian Shepherd Husky mix comes from very active, very intelligent parents.

This means he may not be the best dog for the beginner.

This is a mixture of cleverness and energy.

He needs a lot of mental stimulation and a lot of exercises.

An hour or two of exercise a day should do the trick.

This means nice long walks or strolls, a trip to the dog park, and a free game in a securely fenced garden.

As already mentioned, your Australian Shepherd Husky mix is ​​also suitable for doggy jobs.

Of course, early socialization and obedience training that begins in puppyhood is key, but your Australian Shepherd Husky mix will need to continue training throughout their life to stay sane.

Teach him lots of tricks and give him jobs and he will be as happy as a clam!

Is my home ideal for owning an Australian Shepherd Husky mix?

The Australian Shepherd Husky mix is ​​one of those crossbreeds that gets along with just about anyone.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the right pet for everyone.

A mix of Aussie Siberia is best for households with owners who can spend time exercising and playing with them, or who have the option to hire dog walkers or send their dog to a dog nursery when they can are not there often.

This is a breed that needs consistent exercise and a lot of mental stimulation so as not to make him boring and destructive.

He is best in homes with a large, fenced yard where he can play freely, and with owners who are active and energetic enough to keep up with him.

How do I find an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy?

We want to help you find the healthiest, happiest Australian Siberian puppies.

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when looking for the perfect Australian Shepherd Husky puppy is that research and patience are your two best friends when it comes to puppy hunting.

Reputable breeders will have parents check their litter health for health and have the puppies checked. That means they should be able to provide you with records that prove that their pups can go home with you well.

Buying from a breeder isn’t cheap, and neither should it be.

Raising healthy puppies from healthy parents requires significant financial investment in health checks, as well as additional food, blankets, and anything other puppies may need.

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Rescue

Interested in rescuing your Aussie Siberian puppy from a shelter?

If you’re on a budget, a rescue is a great place to find an Aussie Siberian Mix dog.

Many animal shelters even cover the initial veterinary costs!

However, finding a Siberian Husky Mix puppy at a shelter could be a hit or a failure.

If you have a particular dog in mind, join local animal shelters, discuss your hopes with them, and be ready to wait.

Is an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Right For You?

Australian Shepherd Husky mix dogs can boast of intelligent, hard-working ancestors on both sides of their pedigree.

These dogs never get tired in front of you. That makes them perfect for homes with lots of outdoor space and families who like to hike, run, and be outdoors too.

They thrive best when they have a purpose. As the owner, you need a lot of time to feel useful.

Depending on whether they’re more of an Aussie or Husky, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll respond easily to training.

If you are unsure about dog training, you may want to think twice about taking this gamble.

Are you the lucky owner of an Australian Shepherd Husky mix?

Tell us all about it in our comment section!

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